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Movie & Television Entertainment on the Cheap: Redbox Codes and More

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This is a money saving tip for the 50/50 Challenge.

Cable is Now a Joke

I'm having a hard time seeing how cable television is a reasonable deal. I don't want to keep calling and threatening to switch to keep a promotion going. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I mentioned my thoughts on some alternatives to cable. For our area just getting the basic broadcast deal is around $20/month.

If you're looking for bigger packages it can be around $70/month. If I could pay for the few channels I do enjoy, I'd upgrade. However, the costs are too high for us since we don't watch a ton of television.

Today I'll highlight some deals on keeping your entertainment costs low.

Netflix – Still a Bargain

I was upset like many subscribers when Netflix announced not only were they raising prices, but they were also thinking of spinning off their DVD deliveries.

My husband and I had planned to drop one of the services, but after some consideration, we kept both services. We feel like Netflix is still a good deal.

Streaming doesn't have all the content selection of the DVD deliveries yet and there are some programs we really want to watch.

For us the 1 DVD/Unlimited Streaming option is a great fit. We can wait in between DVD deliveries with streaming content.

NetFlix Plans: Unlimited Streaming + DVDs

If you're interested in signing up for Netflix, here are the current prices for the bundle services (as of November 2011):

It's much cheaper than cable and we get to watch the shows we want to watch when we want to watch.

Redbox – Get the Codes

Looking for more new releases, than Redbox is a wonderfully cheap option. The have also raised their prices just a tad ($1.20 instead of $1), but it's still a frugal deal.

It's easy to use and if you need a last minute movie before you get home, you can grab some snacks and a DVD at your local grocery store.

Redbox Codes – Make a Great Deal Better

If you have an account with Redbox you can get free Redbox codes sent to you by signing up to receive messages either through your phone or email. It's a win-win in my book.

New Accounts Special

If you haven't tried Redbox yet, here's another reason. New users can get a free online rental. here's how:

Please remember if you keep the DVD for more than one day, you'll be charged the regular price for the additional time. Try it out and see if Redbox is for you.

Hulu’s Deals

Finally, if you have a reasonable high-speed internet access at home, Hulu is another option for cheap entertainment.

If I missed a current show on television, I check out their site. I use the free option and have a pretty wide selection of network shows to choose from.

With the Plus ($7.99/month), members can get subscription service with the full current season of many TV shows, access to to content on their electronics such as computers, iPod Touch, and TV.

Hulu offers less ads for their shows, but they are still included with a paid subscription.

Thoughts on Keeping Entertainment Cheap

I'm handing it over to you. How do you keep your entertainment reasonable? How much have you saved?

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