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Budgeting More Giving

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Our finances have stabilized over the last few months. We've focused on getting situated with the expenses of being homeowners.

We had a dinner discussion on including another category in our monthly budget – charity.

We're thinking it's time for us to consider the option of regularly support one or two worthy causes and organizations in our community and beyond.

Charities We Have Supported

There are definitely numerous causes to give to, but we have a few personal favorites you could say.

If you're looking for charities yourself, please consider supporting any of the above. I think they are wonderful causes and your donations make a big difference.

Spontaneous Giving vs Planned Giving

While we're open to spontaneous giving at needed times, such as disasters, I'm more cautious and I would feel more comfortable having specific charities to support.

One reason may hold off in giving money is that they are worried that their donation might not be used wisely.

There is an online resource that can help you see how charities spend money. Charity Navigator rates different charities based on evaluating how efficient an organization is and how effective they are with their money.

The site examines expenses such as administrative and fundraising.

I decided to see what their top 10 charities. They have several lists, so I went with the 10 charities earn high ratings, but aren't as well known as others.

  1. Princeton Area Community Foundation
  2. ETV Endowment of South Carolina
  3. Cinequest
  4. Hispanic Association of Contractors & Enterprises
  5. Washington Women's Employment & Education
  6. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  7. Furman University
  8. Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy
  9. Cary Christian Center
  10. Ohio Wesleyan University

I could include links to the charities directly, but I really want to encourage you to poke around Charity Navigator and learn more.

Your Thoughts on Giving Back and Budgeting

Do you include a charity in your monthly budget? Which specific charities do you enjoy supporting? Why?

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