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I need your support and vote if you have a minute! My post in Free Money Finance's March Madness is up today in the Elite 8 competition.

Couple Money’s Entry

My post is for Charity: Water and I'd love to have a donation sent to this great cause. If I win for in this round, Charity: Water gets at least $100. Just vote ‘Guide' in the comments to help me win. Here's my entry today:

Debt Reduction Strategies – I decided to share how we were able to eliminate my credit card debt and pay off our car loan early. I also rallied other personal finance bloggers to share their secrets to success. It’s a practical guide for everyone motivated to meet their goals.

Why do I support this charity? It’s because of my genuine belief and desire to have safe, clean drinking water available all around the world. A donation of $20 can make a big difference in someone’s life.

If you vote, then a $100 donation can provide people with clean water for years. It makes a huge difference and I hope you can spare a vote.

About March Madness on Free Money Finance

For those not familiar with it, the March Madness contest is a wonderful way to promote awareness on some wonderful blogs AND raise money for fantastic charities.

Charities Win – Reason for the Competition

FMF is kind enough to make contributions to the charities of the top four winners’ choices as follows:

  • First Place donation — $500
  • Second Place donation — $300
  • Third Place donation — $100
  • Fourth Place donation — $100

Something that you may not know about Free Money Finance is the extraordinary commitment the site has for charities. All proceeds of the site goes to charities! It managed to give almost $300k to various charities over the years and this contest is a reflection of that giving spirit.

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