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Today is definitely a Starbucks morning.

Last night I finished packing away some of our stuff from the house for either donation, trashing, or mailing out. We're making room for the baby and that means we have to completely rearrange our bedrooms to accommodate the big change.

The baby's room is kind of the guest room/storage room for our things and if we plan on painting soon (which we do), that means we have to clear the space this week.

Donating, Not Selling

The biggest reasons we're not having a yard sale are time and space. We don't really have a yard to sell our stuff and quite frankly we just don't have time to get everything ready. Donating them will hopefully be beneficial for many people. It feels good to try and keep gently used items in circulation instead of just junking them.

Besides giving them to national organizations like Goodwill, there are also local shelters that would be happy to accept your donation.

Our Donations

Here's the current inventory of the stuff we're donating:

  • Used Clothing
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Books
  • Household Items

Used Clothing

While getting clothes ready for warmer weather (whenever that arrives) I decided to sort my clothes and see if I could donate some. I noticed that I didn’t wear some of the items at all this year.

My husband as well has a ton of shirts and pants that he doesn't wear for one reason or another. I went ahead and put them away in a donation box.

Kitchen Stuff and Household Items

We got sets of glassware, kitchen equipment, and cookbooks that we just haven't used much or at all. since we've been married over 4 years, I think it's safe to say that we probably won't notice not having these items around.

We also have decorative pieces and knick-knacks that just don't fit us anymore. Maybe someone else can use them in their homes and get a great deal at the thrift store.


We love to read and managed to collect quite a bit of books. While there are definitely some books that we treasure and keep, there are plenty that we don't read or we're not really interested in anymore.

What We're Throwing Away

Here's what we're removing because they're in bad condition:

  • Small Bureau
  • Skinny Bureau
  • Student Desk
  • Glass Table
  • Lamps

Many of these items we had while we were in college, before we got married. They have served us well, but it's time to let them go. As we moved, they haven't survived that well.

We already lost a desk when we moved to North Carolina and now the student desk is too weak and flimsy to keep in the house. We replaced it with a hand me down desk from friends who owned a solid one.

Cleaning Clutter from Your House

Did you have to prepare your house for the baby by cleaning out your junk? Is clutter a problem for  you too? How often do you clean out your place? I'd love to hear your tips on organizing everything too.

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  1. Great idea to donate your stuff as opposed to just throwing them away! I tend to just toss stuff I don’t need/use…I should try donating sometime!

    • Glad we got that stuff out. The place already seems more spacious!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming baby! Babies are worth the loss of sleep 🙂 Don’t forget that added tax benefit of donating to charity! Keep the receipts and you can deduct the fair value on your tax return. With the donations and baby, you’ll be getting some nice write offs next year!

  3. How exciting! I love decluttering. I wish I could come help with that and painting. It’s almost a sick obsession I have.. 😉

    Thanks so much for the link too!