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Year End Review 2011: What We Did Right and What We Could’ve Improved

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In January I shared some financial goals I made for 2011 and for the most part we did well. I'll share what we did right and what we could improve on.

Our 2011 Financial Goals Review

I will say that the first half of 2011 seemed to drag on forever while the last half felt as if it passed by in a blink.

Happy that we mad eit through happy and healthy it's about time to look back on how we did with our goals.

Financial Goal #1: Build Our Car Replacement Fund

If you're a long time reader, you know that my husband I want to avoid having a car loan if possible.

After hunting for a car last year, we found a great deal on a well cared for car to replace my husband's car that was totaled.

Now we're looking at replacing the car I mainly use with either a family sized sedan or a small SUV (crossover size).

Our goal in 2011 was to get $5,000 socked away into a car replacement fund and by the end of this month I'm happy to say we'll reach our goal.

Financial Goal#2: Bump Up Our Savings

I think readers noticed that this past year was the year of the baby for us.

When we found out we were going to be parents we felt that we should increase it further, both for emergencies and to cover baby expenses.

We accomplished our goal in June, which was a huge relief as we had our baby girl in July.

Having regular deposits helped us to reach our goal and we've been fortunate to pretty much have that fund still intact.

Financial Goal #3: Pay Down Student Loan

Time to fess up. We didn't get to this goal at all.No excuses. Between our first two goals and getting adjusted to the new routine we really didn't bother with it.

With the regular payments made the balance has decreased, but not by the $3,000 goal I wrote about.

The good news is that we're changing that next year. We've included it in our 2012 goals as a priority, so next year you'll be seeing regular updates on the balance.

Thoughts on 2011 Finances

Now that we're set with our 2012 financial goals, I'm going to create some goals for Couple Money as a site. While I write that up, I’d to hear from you about your personal progress this year.

How well did you do with your finances? What worked well and what could you improve on in 2012?

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