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Today we’re going over to figure out the best money goals for you and how to tackle them together!

Tackling Your Big Money Goals

It's December, can you believe it?

What are your plans for this month?

Last weekend we went up to visit family and friends in Virginia. We had a wonderful time, but we're a bit drained seeing so many people at once. This weekend we're relaxing.

Now that we took care of the last bit of stuff for health insurance and investments that my husband's employer needed for next year, we should have time to chat a bit more on what we want to do overall.

Typically we both have ideas on what we like to knock out and usually, we end up with 2 or 3 big goals for the year.

Last year we focused on the basement renovation (1st phase done!), family trips (2 bigger and several weekend trips), and paying more towards the mortgage (upped our monthly mortgage payments).

Proud of what we did and we'd like to build on that momentum. And based on the emails and messages I got it looks like you're thinking the same thing.

So today we're going over how to reach your money goals together.

In this episode we’ll get into:

  • Why people fail with their goals
  • Choosing the right goal for you
  • Setting up a system that makes it easy for you to knock out your goal

You’re ready? Let’s go!

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Resources to Knocking Out Your Money Goals Together

Want to learn more about how you can hit your money goals this year and beyond? Here are some resources to check out:

4 Crucial Money Goals to Take On

When it comes to your finances, I really want you to have a strong foundation.

  • Have a financial cushion. There are also many things in life we can’t control. However, we can give ourselves some breathing room and cushion for many of bumps by creating a buffer.
  • Minimize all your unnecessary debt. (credit cards, car, and student loans) A debt free life can also give you more options and the freedom to stop them when they don’t work out.
  • Simplify your lives and expenses. No matter how much you make, learning to live on less is a crucial move. The gap you build between what you earn and what you spend can be used to speed up you reaching the goals that matter most to you.
  • Invest for the long-term. What do you want to do in the next 10 years and beyond? Start preparing now for that. Typically this involves stashing away money for retirement, but it can also mean having a dedicated fund for real estate investing, seed money for a business or another income stream.

Key Takeaways on Achieving Your Financial Goals

Before we close up I want to focus on some key takeaways on how you two can reach your big financial goals for the year.

  • Think beyond just the numbers.
  • It’s better to have a good enough goal than a perfect goal.
  • Automation is your friend.

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