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Reboot Your Money with an Everyday Bucket List

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Today we’re looking at how you reboot your money by focusing on your bucket list with Karen Cordaway!

Time to Reboot Your Money

It’s now October.

The year is officially wrapping up and for many, it’s a busy season. Do you have any plans coming up? 

This month we have a family trip planned to see some of our friends and family for Virginia. 

We're looking forward to it. 

But I also know that this time of year can also be one of reflection and review. 

We've knocked out some goals like saving up for my husband's next car, but we're still working on our big goal for the year – paying an extra $11k on our mortgage. 

How about you? How close are you to hitting your goals? 

If you’re behind on them, it’s okay. There is still time for you to reset and reboot your finances. 

And I want to help out. 

So this month I want to turn things around by doing a mini-series on the podcast.

Each week we’re going to be tackling some of the big hurdles you might be having with your goals. 

One reason I’ve noticed people get behind is that they’ve lost that some of that momentum and motivation. 

Let's be honest if you’re dealing with something big – like trying to become debt-free, you could be in it for a while depending on how much debt you have now. 

So how can you not only keep on making progress but actually enjoy yourself? 

Something that can help you is reframing your goals. 

And today, Karen Cordaway is here to talk about how. She’s the author of The Everyday Bucket List.

If you subscribe to the newsletter – and you really should ;) – you’ll remember it’s one of three books I recommended this summer. 

In this episode we’ll discuss: 

Let’s get started! 

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This episode was originally released in October 2019. Show notes have been updated October 2022.

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