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What is Your Biggest Money Goal for 2014?

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and ideas.

I know most of you are busy juggling family and work, so I'm grateful that you gave me your input. (Speaking of – if you took the survey, go ahead and check your inbox. I just sent an email to the winner!)

2014 Biggest Money Goal Is…

One question that I was particularly curious about was your biggest financial goal that you were working on right now.

There were several more choices than the ones listed above, but by far it looks like your most pressing concerns are getting a financial cushion up and paying off your credit card debts.

I've written on those topics here on Couple Money before, but I plan on going to into more depth in future posts.

I'm looking into the specific challenges that couples face and I'll include more articles about couples and people who have achieved their goals and highlight principles that can help you.

As always, please send in your questions. While I do hang out on Twitter and Facebook, I'm a fan of email as I can write back to you and send longer responses.

Other readers have also asked to more posts cater to investing and college funds, so I will be adding those into the rotation as well. I really want this site to be a resource for the two of you as you build your net worth together. I'm also updating the site itself for the next couple of weeks, so let me know what you think.

Jump-Start Your Emergency Fund

We'll get into more detail with this next month, but I think the foundation of building up your savings is having a banking partner that is willing to work with you.

We personally use Capital One 360 for most of our savings. Besides their interest rates being higher than most of the banks around here, we've also had exceptional service with them.

I'd also recommend you consider credit unions and smaller banks when looking for a place to stash your cash.

They tend to be interested in developing a more personal relationship with you and are willing to give you the time and attention that you may want.

And if you're trying to develop a habit of savings (which can be tough when you got a ton of bills), I highly recommend Qapital.

With Qapital, you create rules like round up a purchase to the nearest dollar and it will go ahead and save money based on them.

Get Out of Debt Faster

Over the years, through personal experience and learning from others, I've picked up some tips that have proved useful to couples looking at getting out of debt faster.

  1. Know How Deep Your Debt Is
  2. Review Debt Methods as a Couple
  3. Choose the Method that is Easiest to Keep
  4. Build Up Your Debt Payments
  5. Make It Automatic

Each of these steps will be getting their own posts very soon as I want to share how you can go through the process, including tools and apps that can make it easier on the two of you.

Thoughts on 2014 and Money

I'm really thrilled to have your feedback on what you want to see more of on Couple Money.

This site is really a collaboration and your stories have been encouraging and enlightening this past (almost) five years.

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