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Why Most People Fail with Their Goals (And How You Can Win!)

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Tomorrow a new year begins and many people start it off by making some resolutions or goals.

I get it – it's a fresh start that can inspire a desire to improve.

However, it's not the date that really matters when it comes to goals. In fact, if you look at the numbers, things don't look so rosy for New R.

Most People Fail with Their Goals

As simple as it sounds though, many people fail with their goals.

Do you know how many people fail with their goals for the new year?


Would you believe 92% of people fail with their resolutions?

That's insane!

Why such a high failure rate?

Many times it's because of how they design their goals.

Let me show you what most people get wrong by looking at some popular money goals.

The Top Goals People Make About Money

According to Fidelity 9th Annual New Year Financial Resolutions Study, only 27% of Americans are planning on making finances their focus.

The most common financial goals people make for the year are:

These can be fantastic things to strive towards, but for most couples, they'll quit before making a meaningful mark on them.

Look at how these goals are presented and see what they are missing.

A few things that stand out to me:

So you know what not to do. How can you set yourselves up for wins next year?

Make some SMART goals!

How to Create SMART Goals

If you've listened to the podcast or known me for a bit, you know that I'm a fan of SMART goals.

For those unfamiliar with SMART goals, here are the key things you need to know when making them.

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money

It’s easy to get stuck with the living paycheck to paycheck cycle. We all have so much going on, it's easy to push back our financial goals down the road.

If you want to achieve big things together with your money, grab a copy of my book Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money!

Inside Jumpstart, you will learn to:

My book is designed for busy couples to set up their finances in 4 weeks.

Get tips and tools that have worked for other couples on their journey of building their marriage and wealth together!

Your Big Money Goals

I'd love to hear from you! What are your big goals this year? What's your gameplan to achieve them?

This post was originally posted in December 2017. It has been updated December 2018.

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