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My husband and I are pretty healthy and our doctor visits had been limited to yearly check-ups and an out of the blue visit when a cold wasn't going away. This year has been a bit different for us in terms of using our health insurance. Besides getting my check-up I also had to go to my OB/GYN appointments and have tests done to make sure everything was alright with the baby.

This summer I gave birth at one of the local hospitals and my daughter has regular check ups with her pediatrician. We've had to check with Human Resources to see what's covered with our policy and we've had to add our daughter to the family plan. simplee review dashboard

Checking Out Simplee

I recently heard about Simplee – a free online service that allows you to organize your health insurance information, find affordable medical service options, and help you with paying your bills. I received a demo account and tried it out.

Manage Your Medical Bills and Insurance

For anyone who's been in similar situations you know that insurance paperwork isn't always easy to follow. For our hospital visit we received 10 or so pages of every charge and the insurance adjustments, and notations. We reviewed the charges to see if anything seemed out of the ordinary and then jumped to the bottom to see what our balance was.

I appreciate the ability to keep all of your medical ‘paperwork' in one place. Unfortunately if you use Simplee you may not be able to use it with your policy. Our health insurance policy is not yet included, so you may not be able to use it now. I would check again a bit later as they update regularly.

With Simplee you also can also look at the average costs for certain medical services so you can see if you're getting the best value.

Discover Your Health Plan's Benefits

Simplee has tools that allow you can keep tabs on your individual plan's benefits and see what you're entitled to. Why is that a big deal? Because if you can take advantage of your health insurance plan's preventative care now, you can reduce costly procedures down the road should small problems become worse.

You can also revieweach of your health insurance offerings if you have two different plans to see what he best scenario for the two of you in regards to cost, coverage and medical providers.

Thoughts on Simplee

Can you manage your health insurance plan on your own? I believe most people can do it by themselves. However, I think that Simplee save you time and money by making it much simpler to investigate and organize. Time and money you can spend doing more important things.

How do you manage your health insurance and medical bills?




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  1. That’s interesting. I use a spreadsheet and I kind of keep track of our total expenditures as well as what’s paid out by the insurance company. Still, it’s a pretty manual process so it sounds like this could simplify it a great deal. We’re thinking about making the switch to an HDHP/HSA plan next year and this information would be very helpful to have, I think.

  2. Money Beagle– if you’re thinking of adding an HSA it’s definitely helpful to get a picture of what you’re spending so you can figure out how much money to put in it. And Simplee also lets you track your HSA account as well as pay your bills through your HSA card. Give it a look and tell us what you think!

  3. That is a pretty cool idea. Hopefully I won’t be needing a tool that is so extensive. I pray my medical expenses won’t ever be that pricey! Does it tell you how much your insurance covers for specialized doctors visits too?

    • @Jon: From the demo account I tried, it did include specialized doctor visits. It’s a handy tool; hope it can help some people stay on top of their medical bills.