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How Motif Investing Is a Game Changer

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to have more control over your investments without a ton of hassle or expensive commissions?

Motif Investing is disrupting the market with a new approach – thematic investing. You can take your knowledge and expertise to create a diversified (and low cost!) portfolio.

I hope this review will help with deciding if Motif is a perfect fit for your investment style and goals.

How Motif Works

The concept behind motifs giving you the ability to you use your insights.

It started when CEO and founder Hardeep Walia was looking at trying to invest some of his money into mobile internet.

All around him, people gave him the advice to buy a single stock.

That was incomplete as he was looking at the industry not just at one company.

Long story short, there wasn't a practical and affordable way for a retail investor to get started.

Using his background in tech and finance, he created Motif Investing. (Check out the video below if you want to hear him give all the juicy details!)

Low-Cost Investing

With Motif you can buy up to 30 stocks in your theme for only $9.95. That's incredibly low.

To give you an idea, the average price I've seen with a discount brokerage is about $8 per purchase.

If you wanted to get a bundle through one of them it would cost you almost $240 (and that's not including the cost of your investments)!

Let's say you're working in the healthcare field and are an expert with the latest tech and trends in the industry.

You can create and invest in a motif that includes the companies in that sector.

Create a Portfolio That Reflects You

Though only a partial picture, many investors like to think of Motif Investing as the platform to design your own highly customizable ETFs.

With your motifs, you have direct ownership these shares.  You're buying and selling them in real time.

You can also search pre-made motifs based on sectors, asset allocation, income strategies, and more.

There are currently over 180,000 of them available and your options continue to grow as the community does.

You can also adjust your motifs. You have the ability to add, remove, and adjust your investments.

This flexibility (and its low cost) is what makes Motif so intriguing to investors.

Not Hunches, But Insights

Some might see all this customization and options and just see this as just another fancy way to day trade or throw your money at the noise.

This isn't Motif Investing's focus.

To help you hone in on your ideas, they have plenty of tools to help you craft or find a motif that fits in with your goals.

More Money to Invest

Fees and commissions are concerns for many investors because that means less money is working for you.

With Motif Investing, there is no account minimum, so even if you have less than $500, you can start investing.

Other bonuses include no management fees, and if you invest one of the pre-made motifs, they will re-balance it for you free.

Motifs are also transparent. You exactly what you're invested in and for how much.

Social Investing

Another huge advantage of Motif is the community. Users have really expanded the options of investments as they have created motifs based on their expertise.

You can also share your own motifs and earn money if others invest in them. (more info here)

Thoughts on Motif Investing

It's easy to get started with Motif. You can open an account with either new contributions or you can transfer from your existing brokerage.

I think Motif may be your investing platform if you're:

So if you're in that group, you can find out more about Motif here.

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