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5 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The economy has left many people looking for work and recruiters can be inundated when it screening applicants so they're using any reason to throw yours out. I even read that having an hotmail or yahoo email address can result in your resume being ignored.

Use these tips so you don't kill your chances to make it through the initial screening because of resume no-nos.

Spelling and Grammar

Submitting a resume with even one spelling error, whether it was a typo or just lack of knowledge, indicates you don't care. I can tell you from personal experience not to trust spell check programs. The word might be spelled right, but it wasn't the word you meant.

Have multiple people with excellent language skills review your resume. If this isn't an option, then put it aside and come back to it later with a fresh eye.

Use of Keywords

Many companies now use software to screen online applications and resumes. Your resume will never see a human eye unless it scores well enough in the analysis. Study the job posting for priority words to use in your resume. This shows you understand the requirements of the job and potentially have the expertise to fill it.

Be sure to use common industry abbreviations or acronyms which may be keywords. Buzzwords can be annoying but the software may be looking for them.

Creative License

A boring resume is not going to be read. Use your creativity to make the resume noticeable. Match the style to the position and company. If you trying to get hired as a graphic artist, an non-traditional resume will be better-received than it would a a conservative accounting firm.

On the other hand, don't go overboard. If viewing your resume requires a QR scanner, it's probably not going to be seen.


Busy hiring managers don't have time to read a lot of words that run together in long paragraphs. Instead, create a bulleted resume with enough white space. Many people make the font so small in an effort to get more one one page.

Ignore the “rule” about fitting the entire resume on one page; it's not as important as providing relevant information in a readable format.

Resume Content

It's important to include enough information to pique the employer's interest but not too much. Put the most important information at the top. Include accomplishments instead of responsibilities for previous roles.

Content you should leave out includes hobbies (who really wants to know that you ski?), salary requirements, references or a photo. Don't let you bad hair day eliminate you!

The first step to a new job is getting that interview. Let your resume be an asset instead of a detriment. What resume mistakes have you encountered?

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