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Don’t Sabotage Your Own Job Interview

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So many people are looking for work now in this economy.

Many employers have the advantage when trying to fill a position. People are looking for something long term where they can grow and develop and the good news is that there are places like that.

My husband's company is growing and they are hiring. They've been having interviews for a few departments and lately they've been having some memorable candidates.

Not memorable in a good way, but instead in how unprepared they were.

Sometimes I thought he was joking – I couldn't believe someone would go in for a mid-level position and not be ready. 

Others made me wonder where did they find these candidates.

Review Your Resume for the Job Interview

One of the first impression you can make is with your resume.

What you put on there can get scrutinized before, during, and after the interview.

Some mistakes that applicants have made include:

Go ahead and check your resume before you head for your next interview. Read it out loud and have someone else review it just to double check.

Prepare for the Job Interview

When you're sitting in front of the interviewer(s), understand that you're one step closer to getting a job.

This is your opportunity to shine. you want them to see how you can succeed in the position and that you're a team player.

Don't wing it; it's a waste of your time and a waste for the company's time. Instead of just putting out your resume everywhere and seeing what sticks, focus on jobs you really want.

Thoughts on Job Interviews

What shocked me about some of his stories was how these applicants weren't recent college graduates just starting their careers. These are supposed to be seasoned veterans, looking to move up in their own career ladder.

Have you ever sat in an interview and were surprised by the candidates' lack of preparation?

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