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Layoffs can not only wreck your finances, it can also be a huge emotional stress.

While most of us cannot stop a layoff from happening, there are steps we can do to minimize its impact and increase our chances of finding more work.

That was the case Eric found himself in a few years ago. He found out that layoffs were coming when his local news channel announced that his company was being bought.

Being familiar with the business, he knew he needed a plan to find another job.

He came on the Couple Money Podcast and took us through his process and how his well-maintained network came through for him.

Eric found a better position and $6,000 raise. If you haven't met him or followed him on Narrow Bridge Finance, please do. I

met him in Denver for a conference and he's an all-around good guy and a hard worker. eric couple money podcast

Besides Eric's extremely helpful advice, this week's show also covers tips:

  • How you can polish up your resume
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Stay in touch with your network

Should you be facing a layoff I also recommend a guide to help you engineer your layoff so you increase your chances of getting a severance package that you deserve.

You can listen to it or download right here, or get it on your favorite player.

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