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Learn how to encourage your spouse to have more money

Tai & Talaat McNeelyCreators & Hosts of His & Her Money

I love how Elle gives practical and doable steps to handling your finances. She not only tells you what to do, but explains it in a detailed way. This is a great resource for couples to win with money!

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Chapter Bonuses & Resources

Want to dive deeper and speed things up with your money? Here are extra resources and bonuses that can give you two a boost ! 

Building a Budget You Both Will Love

Learn how to get on the same page with your goals and budget!

Looking for an easy and effective spending plan? Try out these starter budgets and see how quickly you can build wealth together! 

Jumpstart Your Marriage & Money Masterclass

I've created companion course to go along with book.  I will go through step by step each week with you.  

Have any you have questions? I'll find the tools, resources, and answers to help you out!

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Get the Habits, Tools, and Systems to Build Wealth Together

After interviewing couples who've done extraordinary things with their money together, I found patterns that made all the difference.

Pick up my new book and get the habits, tools, and systems that helped couples dump $100k of debt, traveled more, and retired early!