Stressed Over Money? 

Get to help you two get on the same page, dump debt, and build wealth - together!

In Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money, podcaster and creator of the award winning blog Couple Money, Elle Martinez takes you getting by with your finances to getting ahead as a team.

Want a Faster and Less Stressful Way to Manage Your Money? 

Inside this book, you'll learn how to:
  • Stop fighting about money. See how you two can get on the same page with your goals and have fun with money dates. 
  • Automate your budget & system. Stay on top of your money without stressing over every penny. 
  • Earn and save more money. We'll go through ways you can slash your expenses and start building some extra income to reach your dreams faster!

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What Others are Saying About Jumpstart

 Jen Hemphill 

 Accredited Financial Counselor / Creator and Host of Her Money Matters 

When reading personal finance books you can either take a good nap as you "read" them or you can be lured in right away.

This book lured me in right away and it was an easy read. Even though I've been married for a bit, there were some great takeaways from this book.

One being the side hustle chapter because there is only so much you can trim down in spending, but the opportunities of side hustles are there if you are willing to look for them. I also loved the 52 fun and frugal date ideas! 

 Jeff Rose 

 Certified Financial Planner / Personal Finance Author 

Oh the joys of money and relationships. This book she be a prerequisite for any couple BEFORE they get married to set them up for success.

Real and practical advice that every couple needs to hear and do in their marriage.

 Andy Hill 

 Creator and Host of Marriage, Kids, and Money


"Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money" is the playbook for a financially successful marriage.

Elle Martinez truly challenged me with thought provoking questions that made me think hard about my goals and my overall financial path. My conversations with my wife about our family goals are going to dig much deeper going forward.

If you and your spouse are looking to master your money, look no further. This is the book for you.

In the Book, You Will Discover How to:

Master Talking About Money

In the first week, get conversation starters and tips to help you nail down your biggest personal and financial goals (without starting a fight)! Get tools to track your money quickly and easily.

Make Your Money Work for You

In the second week, we'll get into how you can set up a budget you love and an automated financial system that will allow you two to have fun now and move you closer to your dreams. 

Build Wealth

In the third week, we get into ways you can slash your expenses and earn more money so you can build wealth faster.

Optimize Your Money As Needed

Finally, we'll wrap things up by digging a bit into some of the biggest goals couples have such as dumping debt faster, traveling more, buying a house, and retiring early!

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What People Are Saying About Couple Money

Tai & Talaat Mc NeelyHis & Her Money

I love how Elle gives practical and doable steps to handling your finances. She not only tells you what to do, but explains it in a detailed way. This is a great resource for couples to win with money!

Steve StewartMoney Plan SOS, Personal Finance Podcast Producer

Elle has been studying and sharing personal finance topics for years, so she knows a thing or two about money. Whether you are looking to start a conversation about money with your spouse, learn about automation tools, and work together towards hitting those BIG dreams, this book is for you.

Joe Saul-SehyStacking Benjamins

Managing money doesn't have to be difficult for couples. Using Elle's fantastic advice in Couple Money, you'll learn that growing your wealth with a partner is as much about communication as it is about tools.

Learning the language of shared money is half the fun of this book. The other half? Elle's light and engaging writing style will keep you turning pages like it's your favorite crime novel.

Why Wait? Get Your Copy Now!

About Elle Martinez

Elle Martinez is the creator of Couple Money, an award winning personal finance site and podcast focused on helping spouses build their marriage and wealth together.

Through her podcast, site, and now book, Elle shares tips, advice, and stories from her own journey and others about dumping debt, taking care of family, and dealing with sticky situations that many marriages encounter.

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