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7 Romantic Frugal Date Ideas

romantic and frugal date ideas

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It's important to keep the romance in a relationship and making time for dates is one way to do so. Sometimes people focus on extravagant dates that can be expensive.

Date nights don't have to be expensive. We regularly make time for each other without breaking the budget.

Date Idea #1: Dinner In

You might think eating at home isn't too special because you have dinner together every night, but the menu and ambiance make all the difference.

Eat at the table by candlelight or light a roaring fire in the winter. Have mood music playing in the background.

Prepare a menu with items you don't normally eat but are favorites. Turn off all electronics and focus on each other.

Date Idea #2: Dine Al Fresco

There's something unique about eating outside that appeals to people.

Pack up a nice picnic and head out to a park or beach for an outdoor meal. Take care in planning a menu by selecting easily portable foods and don't forget the beverages!

Date Idea #3: See a Movie

Going to the movies doesn't have to stop just because you're on a tight budget. Instead, find less expensive ways to see movies of interest.

My husband and I have gone to matinee showings for years because of the savings. One local chain offers matinee prices all day on Tuesdays so be sure to check for specials in your area.

Other ways to save include buying discount tickets through your employer, an entertainment book or daily deal sites. To save even more rent movies from Redbox or catch up on Netflix.

Date Idea #4: Take a Hike

Hiking or walking together is one way to get away from distractions and focus on each other and the surrounding scenery.

Living in a large metropolitan area, it's amazing how easy it is to be the only ones in sight on a trail.

If you don't know any trails where you live, check with your local Sierra Club or google the term “hiking in cityname”.

Date Idea #5: Bath time

Fill up the tub with water, bubbles or a bath bomb and enjoy some bonding. Be sure to set the stage with candles, music and your favorite beverage.

Need I say more?

Date Idea #6: Listen to the Music

You don't have to buy expensive concert tickets to enjoy live music.

Many cities offer free outdoor concerts in the summer. You can combine your picnic with attending a performance or just bring a blanket.

Another option is to find bars that offer live music and no cover charge. Even with the cost of a drink, it's an inexpensive outing.

Date Idea #7: Enjoy Mother Nature

Take time to enjoy the local scenery. Take chairs outside and watch the sunset.

Living near the beach, I see a lot of people drive there just to watch (and listen to) the waves. You don't have to live by a beach to enjoy mother nature.

There's beauty in mountains, cornfields, rivers and more. Enjoying it together and sharing feelings about it is very romantic.

Thoughts on Romantic Frugal Dates

With these frugal ways to have an romantic evening, expense is not an excuse for not making date plans.

What other ideas do you have for inexpensive date nights?

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