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Next week we'll be celebrating our 4th anniversary! As part of our tradition, we're going on a trip to spend some time together away from all the usual.

While we'll see some of our family during our stay this year we've also allotted time for ourselves.

We're not big gift givers on our anniversaries – if we see something we just know the other will like, we'll go for it.

Mainly the trip is our ‘gift' to each other – spending some exclusive time together doing something different is just special for us two.

In the spirit of celebrating anniversaries, I wanted to highlight some ideas for trips, gifts, and plans to spend with your better half.

If you want to add your ideas, please do in the comments. I love hearing other people's stories!

Anniversary Gift Ideas from the Heart

No matter what you decide to do or get, a personal gift goes a long ways. Celebrate your special love with these eight romantic anniversary gift ideas.

Some of my favorite gifts that I loved when we were dating were the thoughtful ones that showed me how he noticed the little things.

Romantic Ideas

Memories make the best gifts.

Having a keepsake along with your anniversary cards to organize some of your special moments is a wonderful way to walk down memory lane.

  • Love Journal – Want something to hold that has your special moments? Keep your love notes, drawings, and thoughts about each other in journal. Every year you can review it and see how far you've come.
  • Photo Album – It ‘s kind of a scrapbook of all the big events in your marriage.  Have a small photo album for each year or have a book with all the highlights included.

Simple and Sweet Plans

Sometimes you don't have to spend any money to celebrate your anniversaries. Lynnae from Being Frugal had some wonderful ideas that don't cost a ton of money.

  • Movie Night @ Home – This is such a laid back and relaxing idea if you're a super busy couple.
  • Competitive and Fun Game Night
  • Taking a Walk Together – I just love the idea of being outdoors and spending some one on one time together.

Check the rest of her frugal date ideas to get inspired.

Vacations Ideas for Your Anniversary

This definitely our cup of tea for anniversaries. It's not so much the destination, but just spending time together traveling.

We've done cheap vacations and loved the time spent on the road, looking for little hole in the wall stops to check out. The trick is giving ourselves enough time to travel so we don't feel rushed.

The first year, I was stressed out since we left later than I planned and I was in a hurry to get to the hotel.

While most of the drive down to Florida was fun, I ended up worrying the last couple of hours.

Lesson learned – if we do a road trip, I try to build a buffer.

  • Retro trip – Have you thought about going back to places that have special meaning for you two?
  • Dream Trip – Is there a place you guys have always wanted to visit together?

Travel Deal Sites to Check Out

Do you need ideas and deals for your next anniversary trip? Here are some of the sites we and our friends check out.

If you're looking for ideas on where to stop off to grab some food on your trip, check out It's a great collection of places with some great food.

If you're looking for last minute vacation ideas, I covered some on TurboTax's blog earlier this year.

How about you? Where have you traveled together? What's been your favorite spot so far?

Anniversary Gifts in Behalf of the Person

Giving to other is a wonderful way to spread the love that you two have. Either giving an annual donation or a monthly contribution can help others.

  • Charitable contributions – There are some wonderful non-profit charities out there that need your support.
  • LoveDrop- The site is launching next month, but you can check it out now. J. Money from Budgets are Sexy, Nate, and Jessica have teamed up to work on this awesome project of helping people. It's not only about finances, it's about getting a support network for people who've hit a rough patch. Talk it over with you spouse and see if you want to become a part of them team, it starts as low as $1/month and it makes a difference.

Favorite Anniversary Gifts

In the end, doing something meaningful is the way to go. While I share some ideas, I know you have some great ones of your own.

What's been your favorite anniversary gift and why? I'd love hear your stories. What has been your favorite anniversary gift?

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