Are you guys ready to knock out a big money goal together, but don’t know where to start?

I’m going to show you three key steps to take so that you can reach your goal together and have some fun.

Knock Out Your Big Money Goals Together

Excited about your big goal for this year- maybe it’s paying off those credit cards or saving up for a house.

But how do you go from dream to achieving them?


The first key is making sure you have a SMART goal.

Last week, on the podcast we went into detail about creating SMART goals and how you can get your spouse on board.

The gist is this – when you create your goals for this year (maybe it’s paying off some debt), your goal is:

  • specific
  • measurable
  • attainable
  • results oriented and relevant
  • time-based

So we’re not saying ‘we’re paying off debt this year’. You’re saying ‘we’re paying off five thousand dollars of our credit card debt this year by December 31st.

When you have a smart goal, it makes it so much easier for you guys to backward and create a plan because it’s time-based.

You can break your goal down month by month (or paycheck my paycheck) so you can reach your goal.

Create a Spending Plan

You guys need a spending plan or a budget.

No, we’re not going to make this complicated; worrying about the pennies or going over spreadsheets over and over again.

We want to keep this budget simple so you only need it to do three things:

  • Pay your bills (and other essentials). You don’t have a roof over your head, it’s hard to reach your goals.
  • Make sure your budget takes care of the goal that you guys are trying to achieve. That’s it. Focus on that one goal.
  • Make sure you budget for some fun!   I’m not saying that you’re blowing your budget and you’re still going on like you’ve done before but include ways to reward yourselves when you achieve those goals.

We want this budget to be balanced and sustainable. If you feel like it’s too restrictive, you’re more than likely to quit.

Embrace Challenges Together

Want to keep things interesting? Embrace some challenges.

Yes, it’s one big goal, but you can break it down look for ways to mix things up.

My buddy Jessi Fearon is doing a no food waste challenge right now.  It’s saving money with her food bills but also it’s giving her something to focus on just for 30 days and see how it goes.

Maybe you guys want to do a no spending challenge besides essentials or you might do a challenge where you just track your spending your fun money.

Just choose something that you can focus on just for 30 days and do it.

Thoughts on Working Together on Money Goals

So there you go – three tips to help you guys make the most out of this year and achieve your goals.

I’d love to hear from you. How do you stay motivated with your big money goals?

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  1. Our big money goal this year as a couple is to create, and stick to, a written budget each month. We’re doing it the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. It’s worked the past few months better than any other time we’ve tried budgeting.

    Best to you in 2018!

    • That’s awesome John!
      We’re revamping our budget for this year, but going in a different direction -testing out some new tools to track it.
      Wish you the best this year!