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Want to step things up with your big goals? Try out these 4 fun money challenges together to dump your debt faster and become financially free! 

4 Money Challenges To Take On Together

Want to step things up with your big goals? Try out these 4 fun money challenges together to dump your debt faster and become financially free! 

Sometimes when you're tackling big goals like knocking out massive amounts of debts or saving up for early retirement, it can be a bit boring and repetitive.

Money challenges are a fun way to keep focused on your target while mixing things up.

If you have a weekly or monthly challenge it gives you something that the two of you can kind of competitively work on together.

I have four challenges that you can work on together to help you reach your financial goals faster.

They each address a different area so if you rotate between them, you're be setting yourselves up for success.

You can watch this week’s video here or you can read the highlights and grab some resources to reach your money goals together!

Zero Day Challenge

The first money challenge is actually the least complicated but still powerful – Zero Day challenge.

David from Zero Day Finance did this so he could get his spending under control. Thanks to this challenge, he was able to cut back on over $18,000 of expenses!

What's the secret?

Sounds simple but all he did was track his spending on a daily basis. That's it.

There is no changing his budget. There was no desire to earn more money or save money. He simply tracked his expenses and counted the days when he spent nothing.

So if the two of you want to become more aware and stay on top of your finances this is a great introductory challenge.

It's also a wonderful option if your spouse is reluctant when it comes to finances. They might not want to cut back on expenses, but it's easy to commit to ‘let's just see how much we spend each day'.

Just have to set aside about five minutes at the end of the day and review what you spent. Daily tracking can be very powerful in changing your habits.

Uber Frugal Month

Want to step things up with your big goals? Try out these 4 fun money challenges together to dump your debt faster and become financially free! 

The second challenge is the Uber Frugal Month and this is from Frugalwoods.

I recently had her on the podcast and we talked about how they were able to retire early in their 30s.

Of course, this didn't happen overnight. It meant changing their mindset with how they were spending.

So this is a great challenge if the two of you are serious about not only saving money but being more thoughtful with your spending.

It takes you through some of the choices they made along with the mindset and the questions they asked.

You guys can go through this challenge in a month and have those conversations and see where you can cut back and you might see that some expenses are necessary or bring you enough happiness that their justified expenses.

Hustle Crew Challenge

This third challenge now looks at the opposite side of the finance spectrum.

You guys might be pretty good with your spending but it's a matter of earning some more money so you can put that towards your debt snowball or perhaps you want to invest more.

I highly recommend taking Sandy Smith's Hustle crew. She's the creator of Yes, I Am Cheap and has a great Facebook group and every so often they do this monthly challenge where they find different ways and they support each other in earning extra income.

I love this because not everybody can start a website or consult on the side. Maybe they can't freelance but within this community, everyone shares their ideas what's working for them.

You're bound to find one or two really good ones that you guys can implement and try out.

5 Days to $5k

Finally, this last challenge is something I created because my husband and I are very busy and were pressed for time.

I created the 5 Days to $5k challenge because I wanted something for couples that were getting started but they needed to have something that they could do in 20 minutes.

These tips chosen were to help save now and down the line. I take you through ways that you can find money in your budget, save when you are spending, and then also earn some income on the side.

Money Challenges Together

I shared some of my favorite challenges; I'd love to hear from you!

What challenges has helped you transform how you handle money? Which has been the most fun to take on?

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