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Hey guys what's your big goal for the year?

Today I'm sharing a tip that will help you get on the same page, reach your goal, and still have fun.

Why You Need to Go On Money Dates

Now if you listen to the podcast you might be already familiar with money dates. If this is your first time hearing about them, let me explain.

First off, a money date is NOT the time where you pull out spreadsheets and you crunch the numbers and you worry about paying the bills and everything.

Money dates are about having fun with your goals for the year (and beyond) and finding a way for our money to fit into that plan.

So let me give you some tips on how you can have fun on your money dates and improve your finances.

Master Your Money Dates

The first step is to make sure you start off your money dates with the mindset of celebrating the wins you have.

They can be big or small.

You're on the same team. So if you guys are paying off debt or trying to save more in this past week you did a fantastic job with not eating out as much or finding great deals on something. Celebrate those wins.

The next thing you want to do is review your goals. What goals do you have for this year?

Have you guys sat down and made plans? If you haven't. Don't worry. That can be your first money date for this year.

Talk about what big money goal do you want to knock out together.

For many couples knocking out the debt is a huge goal. Another one is saving up for something important to you.

Maybe you want to start a family, a business, or both. Perhaps you guys want to travel more. Those take money so why don't you sit down and talk about what you want.

We can then go to the next step which is looking at the numbers.

Many couples avoid this because their finances right now are not fantastic and that's fine.

If you guys are just starting out with your financial journey together the important thing is to think of it like a trip.

You have to know two things when planning an epic trip – where you're going and where you're starting. It's the exact same thing with your life goals.

Sit down see where you want to go and where you are now when you look at the numbers.

There are so many ways that you can do it. I find that using an app that pulls it in makes things go a lot quicker.

All we have to do is check in every week for five minutes and we do our monthly money dates. It takes about maybe 10 minutes just to make sure that everything's going where it needs to go.

But even with the best budgets, life happens.

Maybe the car breaks down. Kids get sick. Something goes on with work. Which is why is crucial you two deal with the hiccups when they come up.

It's easier when you have at least monthly money dates to adjust things so that the next month can be better.

Finally, you want to look and plan ahead for the next month.

I see a lot of couples fail with their budget because they keep it so restrictive and they don't address that every month is a little bit different.

We're going to be doing an anniversary trip this month. So our budget is going to look slightly different.

After you've taken care of those important steps, have fun with the rest of your day. It's still a date. You guys need to relax and connect (especially if you're parents!).

Reboot Your Money and Year

It’s easy to get stuck with the living paycheck to paycheck cycle. We all have so much going on, getting off track is really common.

But then you’re stuck with the same debt.

The good news is you can break out of your rut and achieve your money goals together.

Sign up for the Reboot Your Money Course. It’s designed to help you two get on the same page to create and reach your biggest money goal this year!

Thoughts on Money Dates

How many of you go on money dates? What do they look like?

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