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Want to jumpstart your marriage and money? Here are 4 game-changing habits that real-life couples have used to reach their biggest money goals together! 

This week was especially sweet for me because this time last year my book Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money was released.

Jumpstart was specially designed for busy couples.

It's based not only on our experience of paying off more than $30,000 of debt but also from financial experts and real-life couples we've had on the podcast.

Couples who paid off their mortgages (in less than five years in one case).

Couples who retired early (with kids!)

I would love for you to listen to al of those interviews and read those articles, but honestly, it's a ton of information.

As of this morning, the site has just over 1,000 posts and 248 episodes for the podcast.

Insane amount of material.

How to Tackle Your Big Money Goals Together

Want to jumpstart your marriage and money? Here are 4 game-changing habits that real-life couples have used to reach their biggest money goals together! 


I designed the book to give you the core essentials, the most useful tools and actionable steps so you can master your money together.

Funny thing is, when you're researching and writing a book, you discover things.

I want to share four crucial habits that I saw that these couples had to achieve their goals.

You can watch me break them down in this week’s Marriage and Money Tips or check out my take right below!

The Key is Not in the How, But the WHY

The key to reaching your goal is not your budget.

I'm not saying don't have a budget or spending plan. It's just that is not what get people from Point A to Point B.

How do you stay motivated when you have $100K in credit card debt? How in the world do you save half of your income or more?

The key is having clarity on your WHY. The budget is just the tool to get you there.

I share how you can create a powerful why together and how you can keep it in front of you.

Play to your Strengths

It's not 50/50 game with your marriage (or your money).

Money Dates Keeps Things Fun

Pretty much every couple I've talked to does this. they may call it something else (like Andy and Nicole with their budget parties 🙂 ), but the idea is the same.

Having a regular time to get together to discuss your dreams and your money.

I walk you through having those critical first dates, including sharing icebreakers and conversation starters to make it less stressful.

Automating Your Money Frees You Up for Big Wins

I haven't met a couple yet that doesn't have several things going -could be their work, kids, projects, whatever.

The point is, when you are juggling several different things, money can sometimes take a backseat. For most couples that can be a recipe for disaster.

I share where you can automate your money (and handy tools to do that). With less time on the tedious stuff, you guys can go for the big wins with money instead of stressing over pennies.

Ready to Jumpstart?

So if you are serious and ready to knock out your big goals together like paying off your debts, saving to travel more, or want to become financially free, grab a copy of Jumpstart.

It's an easy guide to help you build your marriage and wealth together!

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