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Prioritizing Health Over Finances

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I received a message this weekend from someone I know that was having a crisis.

He was upset and was feeling completely over his head with all of his problems hitting him. This was a bit over my skills, so I'm hoping you have some tips and advice to help him.

The good news is he's staying with a relative that can help out with rooming. So he does have a room over his head (a huge plus) and rent isn't an issue.

Here’s the rest of the situation that has been stressing him out:

Of course, since I'm not there I'm going by what he says. It could be a bit different, but I'll base my tips on what I've been told.

Prioritizing Goals and Finances

It's hard to deal with several issues at once, so my first piece of advice is to come up with a specific to-do plan.

Immediate Goals

Communicate with others. I think this is key. He has to be honest with his circle of loved ones and tell them his needs. I know that depression can make this extremely difficult, but it is key. 

Reach out and use available resources. As far as resources to tap into, I would suggest organizations like NAMI and local city/county resources. If he's having trouble getting these calls made, maybe friends can help out.

Short Term Goals

I want to include a list of resources for those dealing with mental illness and their support network to help them find the appropriate organization.

Even if he can't get it done in time for the fall, at least it's something he can look forward to in the spring semester.

Keeping it simple is key. If he can only take care of one, getting healthy is it – hands down.

Building on the Foundation

Once he's able to take care of the immediate needs, he is in a good spot healthwise, and things have somewhat stabilized, then he can be in a better position to take care of important goals.

From there, he can reevaluate his goals for the long term and build a list from there.

Thoughts on Limiting Help

We offered our help and hopefully, it can alleviate some of the problems he's having. I’d love to get your take – what would you suggest in this situation? Do you know of any other resources for those who suffer from mental illness.

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