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Are you two trying to deal with credit cards, but can't agree? Merging finances as a couple, especially credit cards, can be stressful.

Couples, Credit Cards, and Compromise

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It seems like opposites attract with money – one of you loves to put things on your credit cards while the other wants to go the debit route. How can the two of you find a solution?

Even when it seems like there's a huge gap between you, the key is communication.

After you decided on a good time for both of you, sit down and discuss why you feel the way you do about credit cards. 

Maybe you're reluctant to use credit cards because you've been burned with them. Or maybe you are focused on living a debt-free life.

Or you're the one who uses credit cards and sees them as a way to get rewards like airline tickets or cash. Or you've had some struggles with them.

Once you understand each other's history with credit cards and why you choose to use them or not, then it's easier to find a solution that works for both of you.

You may be surprised at what you find. There are so many companies coming up in fintech.

For example, Debitize allows you to use credit cards, but make sure you stay out of debt. How?

Every time you make a purchase, it automatically deducts that from your checking account. At the end of the month, your bill is paid. It's automated and easy.

Is that a solution for you? Could very well be.

The tool is not my focus, only you two can decide what's best for you. I do believe being open to trying out solutions puts you both on the same team which I whole-heartedly support.

Are you two trying to deal with credit cards, but can't agree? Get the tips and tools that can get you on the same page!

Debitize and Couple Money

I think Debitize a wonderful option to have. After chatting with Debitize's co-founder Liran Amrany, I invited him to chat with me about couples and credit cards.

You can catch the first part about what to do when you don't see eye to eye on how to use credit cards.

You can catch it here below or catch the whole series on our YouTube channel.

Debitize Bonus for Couple Money Readers

Want a little boost in paying off your credit cards? Debitize is offering a special bonus for the Couple Money community!

Try them out and get $10 towards your next credit card payment!

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