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Do you feel like you guys are kind of stuck with your finances? Have you hit a wall and don’t know the next move? Today I’ll share how you can find the best financial advisor for you! 

Finding the Right Financial Advisor

What do you think about when you hear financial advisor?

You may have been to one of those luncheons where you get some information about investing or maybe insurance but the financial advising piece really isn’t there.

It’s left a bad taste in your mouth and you’re wondering if it’s really a smart move to hand over money to someone to manage your money.

From personal experience, there are some great financial advisers out there, ones that are not only looking at what’s in your portfolio but the real big picture. sometimes, though, it takes a little bit of effort upfront to find a just the right person for the job.

Today Michael Kay is sharing his expertise along with some tips to make the process less stressful. He’s a fee-only financial planner at Financial Life Focus.

In this episode we get into:

  • questions to ask your financial advisor (including the red flag to run!)
  • looking at your finances in a holistic way
  • finding the best advisor to build wealth

Hope you enjoy!

Resources to Find the Right Financial Planner 

Want some help with your money? Here are some resources to find the best advisor for your money.

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  1. My problem with financial advisors is that most of them just regurgitate standard financial advice you can find on personal finance blogs such as yourself.

    They’re useful if you don’t know much about handling money, but other than that you can pretty much do it for free yourself.

    • There are certainly advisors like that Troy, but the best ones – like Michael and some others I’ve met and worked with – are fantastic planners.

      They go deep and also give you very specific advice tailored to you, your goals, and the current financial landscape (specifically state regulations you may not be aware of).

      All of the most helpful ones listened first before even spouting out advice and then I’ve noticed a trait/trend that they love to share what they learned and want their clients to be better educated.

      I think personal finance blogs can be a very helpful resource to learn and ask questions.

      When you use a personal financial planner to get personalized advice from a professional who knows your situation and goals inside and out.