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Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More

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 Today we’re answering your marriage and money questions – how to earn extra money on the side, figuring out your retirement number, and how to make the most of year-end bonus!

Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More

Welcome to another community mailbag episode where we tackle your biggest marriage and money questions!

With the year wrapping up, you guys want to finish on a strong note and have sent some fantastic questions.

Today we’ll get into:

Let’s get started!

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Resources to Win with Your Money

Want to go ahead and tackle your big marriage and money goals? Here are the resources we mentioned in today's episode along with some extras!

Earn Extra Money (without Getting a Second Job)

Many of you are looking to earn some extra money, but a second job wouldn't be feasible. 

It could be that you don't want to take time away from your kids, getting daycare for the kids would negate the money you earn, or it would be more hassle having a second manager to appease and schedule around. 

I get it – a second job can be more stress than it's worth. 

The good news is that there are options you can try out that give you more flexibility with your schedule while still earning some money. 

The buzz around the sharing economy sounds good, but you still need to be savvy with what you pick up to make extra money. 

Weigh the pros and cons to find a side gig that will fit your situation and goals. 

Key Takeaways on Your Money Questions

Before we close up I want to focus on some key takeaways from your questions. 

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