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Should We Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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Cryptocurrency is part of the mainstream conversation and in the news, but should it be a part of your investment plan?

We decode the terminology and tech, go over the difference between speculation and investments so you can decide if it's the right move for you!\ 

Should We Invest in Cryptocurrency?

We’re talking about a topic that’s been popping up all over – cryptocurrency. 

Just this year alone, BitCoin, Etherum, and others are on a roller coaster ride.

Coinbase went public just this April. 

I’ve gotten questions first about exactly how these currencies work and second if it’s something to invest in.

In some cases, one of you is all excited to jump in this new opportunity while the other is skeptical or against it. 

Like any major decision, it’s important for your marriage and money to discuss your options and see if it fits in with your goals and financial plan. 

In this episode, we get into: 

We got plenty to cover so let’s get started!

Resources to Learn More About Cryptocurrencies and Better handle your finances

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Key Takeaways on Crypto

Before we wrap up, I want to share a few key takeaways I got from preparing this episode.

If you want to discuss this more – ask questions, swap ideas, maybe learn a little bit more about cryptocurrencies from others who have gone into this space – don’t forget to join us in the Thriving Families group on Facebook.

We’re all about helping one another out with our family and financial goals. 

Hope to see you there!

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