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Do you feel like all of your paycheck plus some is going towards your bills and making no headway on your goals? Today we'll cover 5 ways you can get caught up and begin getting out from under your debts!

Struggling to Make Ends Meet?

I've been getting your emails and I want to say thank you. Sharing your wins and questions has been wonderful and I'm grateful that I can help in some small way.

I try to find positive stories and offer practical ways to save more, get out of debt, and start investing for your future, but we're all at different points in our financial journey.

Some of us are working paying off that debt ASAP while others are saving for their home, baby, or business. You might be working hard towards that dream of traveling together or exploring the possibility of financial independence.

Or you might just be starting your journey. perhaps you've heard some of the stories here or on other personal finance sites and you want to join in.

However, currently, you're in a really tight spot with money.

There's no wiggle room in your budget so it's hard to get ahead with your payments. you could be trying to just make the minimums.

It's like you're a doctor, trying to triage multiple patients with few resources.

It's stressful and you feel like you're just dealing with one crisis after another.

Today I want to give you some relief.

The first step is getting caught up on your bills and begin creating a positive gap between what you're making and your expenses.

America's Money Answers Man – Jordan Goodman is on the show to share some ways you can get the ball rolling to becoming debt free.

In this episode we get into:

  • getting better rates credit cards and in some cases, settle them
  • how to get out from medical debt
  • what to do when you can't afford your car payments

Hope this helps!

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Resources to Get Out from Under Debt

If you two are struggling to pay your bills, here are some handy resources to check out.

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