Learn how you two can quickly and easily get rid of your debt without counting every penny. 

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Create a Spending Plan You Both Love

Discover how to talk about money without fighting.

Learn the biggest money mistakes couples make & how to fix them!

Dump Your Debt Faster

Tired so much of your money going towards car loans, student loans, and other debts?

Discover how to shave off years and get rid of your debts faster! 

Build a System for Financial Freedom 

Want to have more options with life and work?

Get the best tools to help you automatically work towards your dreams!

Money and Marriage Don't Have to Be Complicated or Stressful! 

Elle Martinez, Creator & Host of Couple Money 

What Others Are Saying 

Tai & Talaat McNeelyCreators of His & Her Money

I love how Elle gives practical steps to handling your finances. She not only tells you what to do, but explains it in a detailed way. This is a great resource for couples to win with money!

Joe Saul-SehyCreator & Host of Stacking Benjamins 

Managing money doesn't have to be difficult for couples. Using Elle's fantastic advice, you'll learn that growing your wealth with a partner is as much about communication as it is about tools.

Larry HagnerThe Good Dad Project

I once heard that the number one cause of arguments between married couples is finances. Elle breaks down strategies to help couples manage their finances and build wealth.

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