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Want to be completely debt free, including your house? Find out the key changes one couple made to pay off their mortgage in less than 5 years! 

Pay Your Mortgage Off Faster

What would you do if you owed your home free and clear like Andy does now?

With no mortgage payment what options would open up?

There’s a good chance you’d love to get rid of your mortgage, but the idea of getting rid of such a huge amount makes it seem impossible.

Forget paying it off in 5 years, you may struggle to even see a way to reduce it in half.

Right now median purchase price of a home here in the United States is $235,000, with 10% down.

Now if you live in D.C. you’re looking at $400,000 with my buddies in Cali close behind at around $350,000.

Not cheap. Probably the biggest purchase you’ll make.

Which is why I asked my buddy and Marriage, Kids, and Money creator, Andy Hill, to come on. He’s an awesome guy, really excited to get couples closer to their debt free goals.

We both know that not everyone can replicate what Andy and his wife Nicole did – we all have different circumstances – but there’s a lot to their process that could make all the difference with you and your mortgage.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • why they were adamant about knocking out their mortgage so fast
  • steps that were crucial to paying off their mortgage
  • tools to help you be debt free faster

Hope you enjoy!

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Resources to Dump Your Mortgage Faster

If you’re looking to dig in deeper for ways to pay your mortgage off faster, here are some resources to check out:

Want to be completely debt free, including your house? Find out the key changes one couple made to pay off their mortgage in less than 5 years! #debtfree #mortgage #family #money

Define Why You Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Andy: When we got together originally about paying off the debt, our big why for that was ‘Would it be great if you could stay at home and raise our children once we’re debt free’?

And that really got her excited about it and it got me excited about it too because for her to be able to spend that time with our kids and you know be there for them after school and things like that that was very important to her. She did like her career but not enough to swap that for for staying at home and obviously it really depends on who you are as a mother. I have some ladies that I work with at my career that see my wife’s situation they’re like That’s nice that your wife does that. But man I don’t want to stay at home with like so it’s a personal preference right. You know your WHY is personal for you and then the mortgage. I you know for me I think it’s I think it would be really incredible when we were getting together for the why to say what if we never had to make payments again to anybody in such a large payment you know for us when we bought that house. It was a larger purchase for me.

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