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Net Worth Review: October 2010

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It’s the beginning of the month, which means it's time to examine last month's finances. I'm happy to see us slowly move up with our net worth, but that doesn't mean we had a smooth sailing time.

Our Spending Habits in October

Here are some spending highlights from last month:

What does that mean for us? Time for more PB&J sandwiches 😉

Checking & Savings

As you see with our spending habits, our checking account was looking lower than normal. Savings remained the same. We're just going to continue watching budget and adjusting it accordingly.

Our Cars

The cars are doing well. No repairs this past month, so I'm happy. The car replacement fund is doing well, growing according to schedule.

In case you’re wondering how I got the vehicles’ values, I usedKelly Blue Book. We no longer have car loans, so they are just assets on our books. Every quarter I’ll update them to account for depreciation.

Retirement Accounts

My husband's 401(k) is doing well. He has a good size bump with his account. Right now, my husband automatically has his 401(k)contributions deposited to get his company’s match. I have a Roth IRA that I’m contributing on my end.

Student Loans

Nothing exciting or new, we’re just chugging along with the student loan payments. Payments have been automated so it’s been relatively easy to keep up with them; we just confirm payments have been made each month.

Monthly Summary

After tallying up all the accounts, I’m happy to report we’re growing our net worth.It's a nice little jump and I hope we finish out the year with a net worth of $50,000. We'll see.

Net Worth (as of October 31st, 2010): $42,275.15 (+3,431.01)

Your Net Worth Update

How are you doing with your finances? How are you doing in 2010 so far?

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