New Year, New You Financial Summit

Frustrated with Your Finances?

Have you ever been all fired up about improving your finances and ended up failing? (*raises my hand*)

Why? (Or rather, why not?)

There can be a myriad of reasons, but many of us deal with some big hurdles such as:

  • Budget: We know we should save for emergencies, have something for retirement, and pay off our debts, especially high-interest ones. However, we only have so much money in our checking account.
  • Schedule: Between work and family, we might not have a ton of time.
  • Energy/Willpower: With all of our responsibilities it can be easy to see it can be tiring to add more to our plate.

The good news? Even with these hurdles, you can succeed.

I say this because a few years ago I was horrible with goals.

Today, my friends joke that I'm always making goals and getting stuff done.

So what changed?

I began taking notes and learning from others.

I shifted how I created my goals and it has made a HUGE difference.

These adjustments helped:

  • get almost $30,000 of debt paid off
  • allowed us to skip car loans and buy our vehicles with cash
  • contribute more for retirement

What if you two could have a guide who has been where you been and has already achieved your goal?

The most powerful way you can use to follow through on your goals is by following a model.

Think of it like a blueprint. You can see get really useful information like resources and tips that made a huge difference.

So how can you two find a model to follow in 2017?

Here's where the New Year, New You Financial Summit can be your guide.

Ready to Take Action to Build Your Marriage and Money?

The New Year, New You 2017 Financial Summit is designed to help you skip the resolutions and master your money this year!

The New Year, New You 2017 Financial Summit is designed to help you skip the resolutions and master your money this year!

We've rounded up over 20 speakers to talk about topics that will help you finally get a handle on your money situation.

Each day we will focus on the goals that matter most to you:

Building a Brillant Budget

  • 12pm EST: Tips for Tackling Credit Card Debt with LaTisha Styles. LaTisha is a nationally recognized, millennial personal finance expert. She’ll share the 3 steps she used to eliminate $22,000 in credit card debt.
  • 3 pm EST: Budgeting Basics with Jessi Fearon. Jessi is the founder of the popular personal finance blog,, where she shares her family’s real life on a budget. In this session, she’s tackling how to budget when funds are tight.
  • 8 pm EST:It’s Not Too Late – Getting Ahead Financially After 40 with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. Lynnette Khalfani-Cox,The Money Coach®, is a personal finance expert, television and radio personality, and the author of numerous books, including the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt. She’ll share sound financial principles for the GenX crowd and beyond. Recover from financial setbacks with these strategies and develop a plan to finish this game of life on top.

Mastering Money & Relationships

  • 12 pm EST: Parenting and Priorities with Matt Becker. Matt is a financial planner and founder of Mom and Dad Money. He walks us through how you can prepare for two major parenting goals – transitioning so you can be a stay at home parent and building a college fund for your kid!
  • 3 pm EST: Marriage & Money with Tai & Talaat McNeely. Tai and Talaat from His and Her Money share how you two can communicate better as a couple!
  • 8 pm EST: Dealing with Aging Parents with Maureen Campaiola. Maureen Campaiola from a Debt Free Mess Free Life shares her story of becoming the caregiver for her aging parents. She shares some valuable tips and advice for those finding themselves in the same situation.

Boosting Your Income

  • 12 noon EST: Overcoming Fear and Becoming an Entrepreneur with Phillip Taylor. So many people dream of starting a business, but not many make that leap. Phillip Taylor gives resources and advice that helped him fulfill his dreams and transition into an entrepreneurs!
  • 3 pm EST: How to Get Your Hustle On to Impact Your Finances (and Possibly the World) with Nick Loper. Nick Loper is the chief hustler at Side Hustle Nation. He’ll share his own journey to the entrepreneurial life. We’ll look how side-hustling can be a way to better your finances and contribute something meaningful to the world!
  • 8 pm EST: Secrets of Side Hustle Gold with Sandy Smith. Sandy Smith eliminated $50,000 of debt while unemployed through the power of side-hustling. Learn how to side-hustle strategically and deliberately so that you can grow your income, slash debt, and identify skills that you already have and make money from those skills online.

Dumping Debt Faster

  • 12 noon EST: Finding Joy While Dumping Debt with the Debt Free Guys. David Auten and John Schneider share the process of paying off the debt while still enjoying life. Learn strategies that helped them get rid off $51,000 of combined credit card debt, find fun and frugal activities, and become more money conscious.
  • 3 pm EST: Dumping Debt with Team Work – Carrie and Derek Olsen. Derek & Carrie come from vastly different backgrounds when it comes to money. Derek grew up having “more than enough” while Carrie’s family struggled and hardly ever discussed money at all. In this session, you’ll find out how this couple overcame their money differences, worked through a foreclosure, started successful location-independent businesses and are on track to become totally debt free in just a couple of months!
  • 8 pm EST: How I Side Hustled Out of $81,000 in Debt with Melanie Lockert. Melanie Lockert is the main contributor at and the author of the book with the same name. Melanie wrote Dear Debt to chronicle her debt dumping process. We’ll cover practical advice for trimming expenses and increasing income to help you eliminate debt.

Investing in Your Future

  • 12 noon EST: Investing for (Early) Retirement. Justin McCurry shares the process he and his wife took to financially prepare themselves to retire in their 30s!
  • 3 pm EST: Investing in Real Estate with Mindy Jensen. Mindy Jenson’s cover was blown on CNBC. She’s Mrs. 1500 and a member of the Bigger Pockets Team. She’ll share her secrets on building a million dollar net worth and how you can succeed with investing in real estate.
  • 8 pm EST: Make Friends with the Stock Market in 3 Minutes with Hilary Hendershott. Understanding the basic of investing principles needed to get started and why the financial media is a horrible source of information about the stock market.

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