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Budgeting as a Couple

This post is part of Women’s Money Week 2012. I believe that for married women to feel empowered and confident with their finances they need to know to communicate with their spouse on the family’s finances. Everyone has their own specific style; however there are a few principles that can help couples with their budget. Creating a budget for […]

Our Family Budgeting Tools

As we continue this week’s theme of budgeting, I want to share some of the tools we use for creating and maintaining our family budget. Last month, during the 50/50 Challenge I was asked a questions about budget software from Darris: …I’d love an update on budget software. I use Mint and love it because […]

Looking at Refinancing Our House

During last month’s net worth review I was looking at some areas where we could save some money and noticed that refinance rates were looking incredibly well. While looking over our finances, it’s looking like we may want to go ahead and see if we can snag a deal. It looks like we’re not the […]

5 Tips for Selecting a Financial Planner

One of my friends at work recently was in the market for a financial planner. He and his spouse spent a lot of time researching and selecting the right planner for them. Tips on Finding a Great Financial Planner If done right, the process is more than selecting a name out of the yellow pages. […]

Year End Review 2010: Income & Expenses

The year is winding down and we’ve been looking back over the past year. During our anniversary trip this month, we reflected on the highlights of 2010 and now I want to review some of our finances. For the first half of the review I wanted to look at our income and expenses for the year. For some of you, it’ll look familiar as […]

Stay on Top of Your Bank Statements

As you recall, I had mention in last month’s net worth review that we received our tax refund finally, but it wasn’t deposited yet.  Long story short, we didn’t deposit it correctly and the check had to be shipped back to us. It’s been a long time, but we finally have it in. Check Your Bank […]

Couple Money – Welcome!

Hello, I’m Elle and welcome to Couple Money! What’s Couple Money About? As the name suggests, Couple Money is about working together as a couple on building your family’s finances. We’ve all seen the news pieces about how money is big source of martial stress. Couple Money is about using finances as a way to […]