E3: Day 2 Review

The fun continued at E3 as I got to explore the exhibit floor a bit more. Music was the big theme of my day as I got to try out some music themed games. Rock Band 3 If you’ve haven’t gotten into Rock Band too much, but you love music then I think Rock Band […]

E3: Day 1 Review

We had an incredible time at E3 yesterday! There were a ton of people who were just excited as I was to see the latest and the greatest in the electronic entertainment industry.     Hanging Out at Nintendo’s Booth As soon as the doors opened, I went directly to the booth for Nintendo to get in line for […]

Mass Effect Guide to Finances

E3 is happening this week, I thought it would be great to incorporate video games with this week’s posts. Have ever felt overwhelmed when dealing with finances? Have you’ve considered creative approaches to meeting those challenges? Believe it or not, Mass Effect has some good financial advice tucked away with the game. I’m sharing a few of them. 😀 […]

E3 2010 on Couple Money

This week’s review is from Los Angeles. It’s exciting because E3 is happening this week! My husband and I love to play video games, so E3 is something we look forward to. I’m trying to juggle catching some games from the World Cup, sight seeing, and catching up with E3 events. We’ll figure something out. […]

Is Now the Time to Buy in BP?

Yesterday BP saw it’s stock close at $29.20 per share.  BP’s stock has been lower as the oil spill/leak/disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues.  Clean up for the Gulf spill is around $1.43 billion and will continue until BP stops the leak. Oil analyst Matt Simmons made a comment in an interview with Fortune magazine that has […]

How to Manage Loans to Friends with Microsoft Excel

Do you and your friends loan each other money quite a lot? We all want to help out our good friends but the problem is when loans are not repaid if you get into arguments about what is owed, or if you let some slide, then this can cause tension or could ultimately break the […]

How To Spend Wisely On Life’s Essentials

Have a hard time trying to save money on everyday essentials? Here are tips to become a savvier spender! You can save money on necessities if you simply know how to do it. In today’s economy more people understand the need to save money and spend wisely. It has almost become a way of life for many Australians, […]

Net Worth Review: May 2010

Our Spending Habits in May It was  a busy month in May and while the stock market (and our retirement accounts) went down, our other accounts were steady. After taking into accounts everything, we were pretty level with a net worth, seeing a relatively small dip. I wish we could’ve seen a bump in net […]