Unautomate Your Finances Review

Today Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt is releasing his first financial guide, Unautomate Your Finances. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the guide and wanted to share and review some of my thoughts on the book. Unautomate Your Finances Overview Unautomate Your Finances is packed with a lot of information. It flows from motivation […]

One Car Family This Week

Planned Car Repair Bill – Sharing a Car It’s time to repair the Volkswagen.  My car has been having some problems, and after getting an estimate from our local mechanic, we decided to have the car repaired Monday. I was pretty proud that we planned ahead and had our schedule worked out for Monday and have the money […]

Net Worth Review: February 2010

It’s the beginning of the month, which I look back at how handled how finances last month. Before I started reviewing the accounts for this post, I knew that our expenses had been much higher than normal. Cash Savings and Emergency Funds (-$397) We spent some money this month paying for movers and getting the […]

Double Check Your Monthly Bills

We’re adjusting to the new place and I was checking out the bills that came in the mail.  I reviewed the cable tv and internet bill and I noticed that Time Warner Cable was charging a lot more than normal. I decided to double-check and give them a call. Hit with the Cable Bill We […]

Cash Flow: Managing and Improving Ours

We’re working on reviewing our budget and cash flow tonight for our family’s financial meeting. With our new house expenses, we’re adjusting everything to make our finances run smoothly. Having a positive cash flow means our net worth will grow over time while having a negative cash flow will eventually drain us. Why Manage Your […]

Our Tax Refund Gameplan

I mentioned earlier some ideas for tax refunds that we’ve used to improve our finances. What’s our plan for our tax refund this year? We just have two goals this year: pay down the mortgage and paying cash for some small house projects. Tax Refund Goal #1: Pay Down the Mortgage Our main goal this […]

New Home Expenses: What We Spent, What We Saved

It’s been quiet here because we’ve been busy with the new townhouse and we had guests in town this weekend. This past Friday we moved into our new place and we’re loving it so far. We’ve been working hard to get this feeling more like our home than just an all white generic house on […]

TurboTax 2009: Home and Business Review

File Your Own Taxes with TurboTax Many people get nervous or worried about filing income taxes, thinking it’s a boring and confusion process. Using tax software like TurboTax (also available online) can make it much easier and quicker.  TurboTax offers a user friendly interview style that guides you through the tax process. Personal Information TurboTax […]