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Jumpstart Your Marriage and Money Bonuses

Give Me Free Access! Get FREE Access to the Jumpstart Your Marriage & Money Course!Pre-order your copy and sign up today to reserve your spot! 00 Days 00 Hours 00 […]

Marriage and Money: Retirement and Credit Cards for Couples

This week Couple Money has been featured on two sites with interviews about getting a retirement plan set up as a couple and whether the two of you should open […]

Marriage and Money: Bailing Out Family and In-Laws

A recent call from a relative this week reminded me how much things have changed over the last month. It’s not a big deal, but my view on bailing out […]

Marriage and Money: Financial Freedom Plan for Couples

It’s hard to map out something without some sort of destination. Having a financial game plan is a big part of reaching your goals and it can help you two […]

Best Money and Marriage Sites and Podcasts

Looking to grow your marriage and money this year? When I started Couple Money almost 10 years ago, there weren’t too many resources out there focused for married couples. My husband […]