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Marriage and Money Workshop

How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money Live Workshop: Get Tactics, Tools, and Conversation Starters THAT WORKIf you’re married, getting on the same page with your money is key. Disagreements about money are one of the top reasons why couples divorce. What most couples don’t know is that how you start having those conversations without […]

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Money Bonuses

Give Me Free Access! Get FREE Access to the Jumpstart Your Marriage & Money Course!Pre-order your copy and sign up today to reserve your spot! 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds ​Join Us for the Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money Companion Course!  Tai & Talaat McNeelyCreators & Hosts of His & Her […]

Marriage and Money: Retirement and Credit Cards for Couples

This week Couple Money has been featured on two sites with interviews about getting a retirement plan set up as a couple and whether the two of you should open joint credit cards as newlyweds. I’ve included excepts below to give you an idea of what was covered. Discussing Retirement Goals When should couples sit down […]

Marriage and Money: Bailing Out Family and In-Laws

A recent call from a relative this week reminded me how much things have changed over the last month. It’s not a big deal, but my view on bailing out family with money has become more solidified. Let me first explain the conversation that started it over a month ago. Can You Help Me Out? […]

Best Money and Marriage Sites and Podcasts

Looking to grow your marriage and money this year? When I started Couple Money almost 10 years ago, there weren’t too many resources out there focused for married couples. My husband and I were in $35,000 of debt and while we agreed we needed to get rid of it, we went back and forth on the […]

Marriage & Money: How to Talk and Work on Your Finances Together

Trying to pay down debt, but having a hard time talking about money? these tips helped us to get on the same page and win with our money goals! One of the biggest reasons marriages break down is money problems. Remember your marriage is much more important than money. You can improve your marriage and finances […]