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Dump Debt Faster Confirmation

Thank You for Signing Up!Please follow these steps so you can grab your FREE Dumping Debt Guide: envelope Check Your Email InboxGo to the email inbox of the address you signed up with on the previous page. envelope-open Open the Confirmation EmailOpen the email we just sent you. It has the subject line “Important: Confirm […]

The Equifax Data Breach: What to Do if You’re Affected

As Irma is wrecking havoc on her path, there’s a mess (thankfully not life threatening, but also very damaging) that you may be dealing with it now. Equifax Data Breach Last week, one of the credit bureaus,  EQUIFAX, announced they had a massive data breach this year. Approximately 143 million Americans have had their personal and […]

Finding the Best Side Hustle as a Married Entrepreneur

Millions of Americans want to start a business, but where do you begin? Entrepreneur and start up co-founder Will DeShazo shares how you can find the right gig along with balancing marriage and entrepreneurship! Becoming a Married Entrepreneur We’ve had a quite a few shows about being a happily married entrepreneur I’ve been sharing my ups and […]

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Next Car

Want to score the best deal on your next car? Use these tips and strategies to get your finances squared away so you can negotiate a fantastic deal!  Recently I was a part of a Stacking Benjamins roundtable where we discussed how to not mess up saving for (or financing) your car. Besides Joe and […]

How to Budget on a Teacher’s Salary

Teaching is a noble profession. Besides my mom, I have several relatives working education, ready and willing to help their student succeed. As necessary and crucial as they are, sometimes teacher salaries are limited. It took some sacrifices but my mom was able to raise three kids with her income. Living on a Teacher’s Salary If you […]

Early Retirement: Big Win from Tiny Habits?

Can you really have big wins from changing tiny, but key habits? Learn the critical key steps Chris Reining took to retire at 37! Big Wins Through Tiny Habits Going for the big wins is smart. Too many times, though, those big wins mean big changes and for most, it’s enough not to move. But what […]

How I Tag Team Investment Decisions with My Wife

This is a guest post from Eric Rosenberg, a finance writer at Personal Profitability, InvestmentZen, and other personal finance, technology, and travel publications. When you are married, investing is a tag team sport. Even though I have two finance degrees and have managed a portion of a $500,000 investment fund, I still consult with my […]

Knocking Out Your Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt has become common for some families, but you can get rid of it once and for all if you’re ready. Dumping Credit Card Debt NerdWallet did an analysis data from the Federal Reserve and others on average households’ credit card debt. They found that the average household has $7,087 and when you look at […]