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How to Eat Well on a Budget

Love to eat well, but you’re on a budget? Learn how to be a frugal foodie with these money saving and savvy shopping tips! With the warmer weather, more people […]

Never Be Afraid to Ask: Negotiating Your Bills

These last few weeks have been frustrating as we’re still receiving bills from our second daughter’s birth. We expected most of it, but there have been a few that caught […]

The Best Kept Secrets to Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Want to have a lovely, memorable, and meaningful wedding day? Here are five key ways you can save a ton of money while planning your wedding and stick to your […]

Elle Martinez

Elle Martinez Creator and Host of Couple Money Elle Martinez is the creator and award-winning blogger of Couple Money, a personal finance site and podcast dedicated to helping spouses build […]

Personal Finance Shout-Outs – New Baby Edition

I can’t wait – our second daughter arrived!  We’re extremely grateful that family and friends have been helping us make this transition smoother. As you probably guessed, the schedule will […]

Finding Great Deals on Hotels

Want to have a great trip without spending a ton of money? Learn how you can find great deals on hotels quickly and easily! One of the biggest hurdles people […]

Master Your Network & Survive a Layoff

Layoffs can not only wreck your finances, it can also be a huge emotional stress. While most of us cannot stop a layoff from happening, there are steps we can do […]

How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster?

Are you two stuck with a ton of debt? Learn the strategy, tools, and tactics to pay off your debt sooner! How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster? The […]