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How to Get Your Spending Under Control

Trying to reboot your finances and get some control over your spending? Here’s one simple and effective psychological hack that can help you save a ton of money this year!  Rebooting Your Money & Stick with a Budget Since July is here, I think now’s a good time to do a financial check-up. Hopefully, things […]

Why Your Financial Health Matters

When we were first engaged we thought we going to do the ‘responsible’ thing and talk about money. We heard from other how money can put tremendous stress on others. So we decided we going to lay out all our cards and see where each other were with money. It was an eye opener for […]

Blended Family Finances: How to Thrive Together!

Merging families and finances can be especially tricky with blended families, but you two can succeed and thrive. Get tips on how you can make this big transition go a lot smoother!  Blended Families and Finances Anytime you’re merging lives, there are so many things to talk about and discuss. When you’re blending your families […]

How To Retire Early – Without a Lucrative Job!

With some strategic money moves, Rob and his wife Sara will be retiring by 40. Find out which small changes have had the biggest impact and how you can use themto retire early! Money Hacks: Small Changes, Huge Impact Having high income can be a fantastic aid to speed things along towards early retirement, but it’s […]

Thank You for Signing Up!

Thanks for joining the Couple Money community!You should be getting an email from me in a bit.   Step 1:Go toYour Email InboxGo to the inboxof the email addressyou just used to sign up. Step 2:Openthe Confirmation EmailFind the email sent by us. It has the subject line “Please Confirm” and is sent from “Elle from […]

Why I’m Happy I Paid Off My Car Loan

Car loans are one of those debts that look sensible on paper (I need transportation!), but usually becomes an unnecessary burden.  I learned this the hard way, but I’m glad I got the lesson. Upgrading My Ride (and Paying Dearly for It) From around 18 to 22 I had paid cash for my cars. They […]

How to Find the Best Financial Advisor for You

Want to make sure you’re on track to retire early? Learn how to find the best financial advisor for you two!  Finding the Right Financial Advisor for You Planning for retirement, whether it’s early or not, traditional or the most unconventional one can sound intimadating. After all, how can know how your lives are going to […]