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Elle Martinez

Elle Martinez Creator and Host of Couple Money Elle Martinez is the creator and award-winning blogger of Couple Money, a personal finance site and podcast dedicated to helping spouses build […]

Personal Finance Shout-Outs – New Baby Edition

I can’t wait – our second daughter arrived!  We’re extremely grateful that family and friends have been helping us make this transition smoother. As you probably guessed, the schedule will […]

Finding Great Deals on Hotels

Want to have a great trip without spending a ton of money? Learn how you can find great deals on hotels quickly and easily! One of the biggest hurdles people […]

Master Your Network & Survive a Layoff

Layoffs can not only wreck your finances, it can also be a huge emotional stress. While most of us cannot stop a layoff from happening, there are steps we can do […]

How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster?

Are you two stuck with a ton of debt? Learn the strategy, tools, and tactics to pay off your debt sooner! How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster? The […]

Giving in Times of Disaster

When disasters strike, we naturally want to help out. Learn how you can find and donate to reputable organizations while avoiding charity scams. As many of you have probably seen, […]

Managing Financial Conflicts as a Couple

Most couples would probably agree that even if the two of you are perfect for each other, it does not mean that you always on the same wavelength. Each couple […]

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Company

Not sure if it’s an ego thing (I’m sure why wife would say “yes”), but I like to have the best of the best. I don’t want a good steak, […]