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Digging Out From an Upside Down Car Loan

Are you stuck in an upside-down car loan (owe more than it’s worth)? Learn ways you can find money to dig out and escape!  Dealing with an Upside Down Car […]

Throw a Budget Party!

My wife and I have created a zero based budget every month since we’ve been married, including a budget for the wedding. So far we’ve completed 60+ budgets and have […]

Life Insurance for Stay at Home Parents

Earlier this year, I increased my life insurance coverage now that we became parents. I feel better having that safety net for my family. It took some time to get a number […]

Making Sure Your Family Financial Goals Fit You

While there is a ton of advice out there about how to pay down debt, save more, buy a house, and start a family, not all of it is good. […]

Buying a Car Off Of Craigslist

We bought our family sedan, a Honda Accord, earlier this week. We love it! I want to cover the process of buying a car from a private seller in North […]

Why Prioritize Paying Down Your Debts

I love reading comments from others showing how they’ve been able to achieve their goals, asking an insightful question, or those wanting to offer a well thought out counter argument. It makes Couple Money a […]

Best Reliable Used Cars for Families

Well, at least some good came out of the refinance that didn’t happen. The money we were going to use for closing can now be allocated towards the car replacement […]