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5 Financial Tips For Military Couples

The military’s a special way of life. There are unique circumstances that the civilian world doesn’t deal with, like deploying and temporary duty. Sometimes those situations can make it difficult to keep your financial life on track. But, there are some perks to serving in the military that can help get you to where you […]

Paying Off Debts – Before or After Saving?

How do you know whether you should have some money saved up before you pay off debts? If you do save first, how much is enough? The answer can be difficult to decide because each one of us has different financial circumstances. Besides the numbers, the two of you may have different ideas on how […]

How To Budget Successfully as a Couple

As individuals we all have our strengths, weaknesses, passions and different outlooks on life. This especially is true when dealing with finances as we usually prioritise our expenses according to our needs. It is because of our different needs that couples so very often find it difficult to manage their finances together. Couples and Budgets […]

Finding Contentment as a Couple with Audrey from L’Eurocana

Change is part of the fabric of a marriage. As couples we grow and as individuals we develop. As much as we hope that it all goes smoothly, sometimes it can be a rough transition even if it’s something we’re forward to. This week on the Couple Money Podcast Audrey from L’Eurocana came on to […]

Six Tips for Newlyweds to Manage Finances

Before getting married, couples should understand the risk associated with finances during their lifetime. The majority of the financial problems that new couples encounter include being in debt, overspending, and not having a plan. Building Up Your Money and Marriage Here are six tips that couples can use to help them manage their finances. Put […]

Can Guidevine Really Help You Find the Right Financial Advisor?

Looking for a financial planner, but don’t know where to start? Raghav Sharma, GuideVine CEO, shares tips to find the best financial adviser for your needs and how to avoid the bad eggs. Finding a Trustworthy Financial Planner If you’re thinking about hiring a financial advisor, you two have to become comfortable with opening up your […]

How to Work Through Big Changes as a Couple

Ready to make a big change? Learn how to work together with finances and more while reducing stress and tension! Dealing with Change as a Couple Change is a part of life and an almost constant in marriage. We grow and develop as people and as couples. 3 Steps to Navigating Through Changes Together If you are […]

Becoming Wealthy Isn’t Easy, But It Is Simple

Building up your finances isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy in the beginning. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our money. Wealth Takes Work When you talk to those who have gotten out of deep debt or saved and invested for a dream, they’ll mention that they had to make changes. […]