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How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster?

Are you two stuck with a ton of debt? Learn the strategy, tools, and tactics to pay off your debt sooner! How Can We Pay Off Our Debt Faster? The first episode of Couple Money was released this week and I’ve gotten some wonderful feedback from you. I’m using your suggestions for this week’s episode. […]

Giving in Times of Disaster

When disasters strike, we naturally want to help out. Learn how you can find and donate to reputable organizations while avoiding charity scams. As many of you have probably seen, the Philippines has been hit by Typhoon Haiyan and it has left a trail of destruction and calamity as the country is scrambling to get aid […]

Managing Financial Conflicts as a Couple

Most couples would probably agree that even if the two of you are perfect for each other, it does not mean that you always on the same wavelength. Each couple has their own rhythm and many times the tricky part is getting the two of you to sync up on the important matters. With money, conflicts can […]

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Company

Not sure if it’s an ego thing (I’m sure why wife would say “yes”), but I like to have the best of the best. I don’t want a good steak, I want the “best” steak when I go out to eat. When I go the movies, I don’t want to see a good movie. Screw […]

How to Buy a Reliable Used Car with Cash

Looking to buy a car, but short on cash? Learn our tips and tricks to snage a great deal on a reliable car and avoid a lemon! You may have noticed that things have been just a bit quiet here recently. Life has been keeping us busy as we’ve have been in car hunt mode. […]

How to Set Up Your Retirement Accounts in About 20 Minutes

Setting up your retirement accounts doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how you can quickly open up an IRA in about 20 minutes! Retirement can seem intimidating to some as they are planning their investments. With so many options out there with different brokerages and different investment vehicles, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. […]

Digging Out From an Upside Down Car Loan

Are you stuck in an upside-down car loan (owe more than it’s worth)? Learn ways you can find money to dig out and escape!  Dealing with an Upside Down Car Loan Julie wrote in with a frustrating and draining situation – being stuck with a bad car loan. Neither one of us are financial experts, but […]