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How Much Do We Need to Retire?

When we did our taxes a couple years back, we were advised to contribute more to retirement. She explained to us that it could lower our taxable income and set aside our money for retirement. We’ve taken her advice and have been contributing towards our retirement. Figuring Out How Much We Need to Retire The […]

Financial Freedom as a Couple

‘Financial Independence’ and ‘Financial Freedom’ are popular phrases on the internet, but what exactly does that mean? More importantly, what does that mean to you? What is Financial Freedom? It takes some reflection and it takes time to answer questions that you may have about financial freedom. Some people define financial freedom by their net […]

Flying with a Baby: 16 Travel Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Whether you’re flying across the country (or world) to visit family or exploring with your little one, use these travel tips to help you and your baby to stay happy and comfortable! Which is worse: flying next to a screaming baby or flying with a screaming baby?  If you’re a parent the answer is easy: flying […]

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Next week we’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary! As part of our tradition, we’re going on a trip to spend some time together away from all the usual. While we’ll see some of our family during our stay this year we’ve also allotted time for ourselves. We’re not big gift givers on our anniversaries – if we see […] Review – Is It Worth Subscribing?

Are you looking to upgrade your graphic and design skills without having to go back to school? can be the perfect solution to staying up to date in your field without having to empty your wallet. I first heard about the site a few weeks ago,  when some friends of ours visited from out […]

Is Costco Worth The Cost?

Is getting a Costco membership worth it? I share how you can maximize your discounts with Costco and come out ahead with your money! Warehouse club memberships are usually presented as a frugal choice for everyone. Joining Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s is always the smart choice, but is it really? Can you save money […]

Earn Extra Income By Renting Out

Looking to save on your bills or need to pay off your debts faster? Learn how you can rent out a room to earn extra income! My name is Mike, I blog at Renting Out Rooms, which is about my story of renting out my spare rooms.  I started blogging a few months ago, but […]

How to Quickly Create Your Retirement Plan with Spreadsheets

Want to learn how much you need to retire? Try these free retirement spreadsheets and get your number! One of the purposes many families turn to Microsoft Excel for is working out their retirement plan in an easy and quick manner. This type of number crunching and planning is exactly the kind of math that gives […]