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Mastering Your 401(k): Understanding Your Investment Options

Want to get the most out of your 401(k)? Learn the key guidelines on how you can choose the best investment options for you!  Making the Most of Your 401(k) […]

How to Have a Stress Free and Debt Free Vacation

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How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money

Need to talk about money, but worried about starting a fight? Carl Richards and I share easy ice breakers and conversation starters to help and your spouse get on the […]

Parenthood and Financial Independence

Parenthood keeping you busy? Learn how you two can work together and achieve financial independence faster! How to Reach Financial Independence (Even with Little Ones!) Becoming financially free. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But how does […]

How to Identify Your Spending Triggers and Control Them

Has your wallet taken a hit? Are you ready to stop the money leaks? Find out what your spending triggers are and how you can fight back on today’s show. […]