Amortization and Mortgage Payment

What is Amortization for Mortgages? Amortization is a method that lenders use to allocate payments of the life of the mortage that takes into account the principle and the interest. For a fixed […]

Fiscal Geek Interview

It’s another edition of Sunday Blogger where I share some of my personal favorite bloggers. This week Paul from Fiscal Geek has been kind enough to participate! Fiscal Geek interview […]

Net Worth Review: December 2009

It’s time to do our monthly net worth review on Couple Money. Come see how progress we made this past month as we work towards financial freedom. Cash Savings and […]

Set Small Goals and Succeed

If you’re like me, setting goals and keeping them is not your nature. I have learned the hard way that having specific goals help me get more done instead of […]

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

I just wanted to say that I’m married to a wonderful husband. Happiness can mean so many things… …but for me, happiness means sharing my life with you. Happy Anniversary […]