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Should We Get Pet Insurance For Our Cat?

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As you probably guessed from this post's title, we had some vet bills that have made me seriously look into getting pet insurance.

First, let's start with the good news. After taking home our new kitten home we took him to the vet for a look-over and to get his rabies shop. He's in great shape and he was completely sweet with everyone in the office.

As we checked out I went ahead and made an appointment for our grumpy (but lovable) old cat. He needed a refill on his prescription. Since he gets really anxious and stressed out with the vet, he had to be sedated for the exam.

Should We Get Pet Insurance for Our Cat?

It looks like our big boy has even more reasons to be grumpy.

His blood work results revealed that he needs medication for his thyroid and his exam indicated that he has some arthritis in his hind legs.

For his thyroid, our options are:

He has also has some dental work that should be done soon, but the vet wants to get his thyroid issue under control before she gets the extraction done.

Based on his extraction last year, that will set us back by almost $200. As you can see, things are getting pretty pricey around here.

Our vet mentioned that while we can't get our older cat insured (drats!), we should look into getting a policy for our kitten.

Scouting Out Pet Insurance

Like we do with car and life insurance, it was time to shop around and see what deal we could get for pet insurance.

There are a few major companies, so I decided to visit their sites and see if I could get a quote from them.

After looking at the costs, I'm still on the fence.

Part of me wants to stash a bit of money in a high-interest savings account and only dip into it if we need it down the road.

The other part worries that Cookie may get similar health problems when he's older and it'll be taking a big chunk of our money.

The good news is that our older cat's problems have just recently surfaced. Up until last he's had over a decade of pretty minor ailments.

Thoughts on Pet Insurance

I have to ask your advice on this – do you think pet insurance is a good deal or are we better off saving bit by bit now for future expenses?

Do you currently have pet insurance for your furry friends? If you do have insurance, who is it with and are you happy with their service?

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