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As I was reviewing and sorting some of our expenses in June, I'm already anticipating some upcoming expenses in July.

While last month was about getting necessary businesses expenses done like estimated taxes and business licenses updated, this month will be about our cat.

Yep, our cat needs to go to vet for dental work.

Scheduling a Vet Visit

If you're a pet owner, no doubt you're familiar with the annual check-up at the vet. 

Our furry baby is getting up in years, so we try to make sure he is up to date on his visits and shots.

With his last visit, the vet informed us that he has some dental work that needs to be done, including extracting a tooth.

We went through the list of procedures that would be included (like anesthesia, pain medicine, x-rays, etc) and we were given an estimate – $550.

She explained that it was a ballpark figure and they wanted to include the worst case, so there is a good chance the actual bill would be lower.

Looking at our budget and schedule in June, I knew we couldn't do then. However we have some time this month to schedule an appointment for the dental work. Hopefully it'll go well (and the bill will be lower than the estimate).

Finding the Money for the Vet

The good news is that we have a couple of options for the vet visit. We can either use money from savings or we can take advantage of a 0% rate on a credit card.

We'll see what will be best for the situation; I think it'll come down to the total amount of the bill.

As pet owners we feel that taking care of our furry family member is a part of the budget.

Thoughts on Pet Care

How many of you are pet owners? What's the regular annual costs of taking care of your pet? Have you had any big pet bills this year?

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  1. I hope kitty’s tooth situation ends up okay (and not ridiculously expensive!) I’ve got a pet turtle, so we don’t really do vet visits. But she’s more expensive than you’d think. Food probably runs us $10/mo, and then filter changes are $15/mo…her tank cost $75 and I got it on mega sale, and a UV bulb is about $30/year. (I get the nice ones…I keep hoping they’re going to last longer but they never do…)

    That’s great that you guys have some emergency options for something like this. That’s one of our biggest financial challenges, and it’s such a simple one….

    • Thank you! I hope so too. Thanks for sharing your numbers on your pet turtle. I think it’s helpful for potential pet owners to have an idea of how much it costs to take care of a pet.