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Working Through Illness and Financial Lows to Abundant Permaculture with Justin and Rebekah Rhodes

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Learn how Justin and Rebekah Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture worked through illness and financial lows to create a family business around sustainable farming (while raising four kids)!

Becoming a More Self Sufficient Family through Permaculture

This week's podcast is a personal fave of mine. As we're taking on DIY projects, including growing more of our own food, I discovered Abundant Permaculture.

Justin Rhodes the go to guy to learn about rasing chickens from egg to plate. He and wife Rebekah also have a growing YouTube series documenting their family living and working on their farm.

In this episode we get into:

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Thanks to Justin and Rebekah for coming on! Please check them out at Abundant Permaculture to get practical tips on how to live a more sustainable life.

Resources to Save Money

Looking to save more around the house? Want to grow more of your own food?

Here are some of the resources to stay on top of your finances as well as a few of my favorite permaculture sites!

Meet Justin & Rebekah Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture

I first heard about Justin and Rebecca after we moved into our current house. One of our goals was to expand from a container garden we had back into a town to actually grow a good portion of our food in the back yard.

As I was digging around I discovered permaculture and I found Justin and Rebekah Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture. They were a fellow North Carolinian couple who were living a simple, productive, and fun life while raising four small kids.

They've done some extraordinary things together like a The Great American Farm tour, a documentary and guide Permaculture Chicken, and keep up regularly on YouTube.

They also help families become more self-sufficient with their DIY Abundance community.

Key Takeways on Becoming More Self-Sufficient

I loved chatting with and picked up plenty of helpful tips. Here are some key takeaways I got that we're using!

If you’d like to chat more, please join us in our private and free Facebook group – Thriving Families.

We’re families looking to support and help one another out. Hope to see you there!

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