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Merging families and finances can be especially tricky with blended families, but you two can succeed and thrive. Get tips on how you can make this big transition go a lot smoother! 

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Blended Families and Finances

Anytime you're merging lives, there are so many things to talk about and discuss. When you're blending your families that's another layer of complexity.

If you have kids, you two are figuring out what the house rules apply now with things like curfew, chores, that you're under one roof.

But you also have your exes. They may have rules which are completely opposite of yours. As you're juggling things as a family, it can be tricky navigating things.

And finances can be just as messy.

Thankfully, Melissa Brown, creator of Blended Family Podcast, is on the show today. She going to discuss her own family's transition and how they manage things plus offer practical tips to make the transition smoother.

Hope you enjoy!

Resources on Merging Finances

Special thanks to Melissa for coming on and share her thoughts and story!

Please reach out her on Twitter or join her Facebook group to hear from others in the blended family community.

If you’re looking tips, stories, and advice to make merging finances easier, here are a few to check out!

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