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Trying to reboot your finances and get some control over your spending? Here’s one simple and effective psychological hack that can help you save a ton of money this year! 

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Rebooting Your Money & Stick with a Budget

Since July is here, I think now's a good time to do a financial check-up. Hopefully, things are looking good on your end, but if not, it's okay.


Cause July is Financial Reboot Month.

(If there can be a National Doughnut Day, I can create this!)

With 31 beautiful days, July is a wonderful opportunity to save some serious money.

Easy & Effective Way to Control Your Spending

Whether you have a formal budget/spending plan, there is one psychology hack that can help you save some cash.

Grab a whiteboard or print out a calendar. This month, I want yo to write how much you spend each day.

No, I'm not going to tell you how to spend or save. I just want you two to review how much money you spent each day.

That's it.

No apps, no complicated spreadsheet. I just want you two to spend 5 minutes every evening to write down how much you spent that day.

Sounds pointless, but after interviewing so many couples about retiring early (30s!) and paying off over $100,000 of debt, I have seen that the number one budget buster /dream killer is unconscious spending.

Most times, it's because we're busy. We're juggling so much in our lives, it's easy to go for the convenient choice. Spending becomes a habit, the default.

If you haven't made your financial goals, I would bet you it's not because you're trying to sabotage your money, but it's because other stuff got in the way.

So do yourselves a huge favor this month and try this Zero Day challenge out.

There's a high chance that by the second week, you two will be pushing yourselves to cut back on the needless spending and focus on what really matters to the two of you.

And to keep myself accountable, I'll share our progress on Instagram.

Resources to Gain Control Over Your Spending

If you two are serious about saving a ton of money quickly, here are some of the best resources to check out:

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