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Dealing with Awkward Money Conversations as a Couple

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Today we’re going to look at three common and awkward arguments married couples have around money  and how you can tackle them together! 

Awkward Money Conversations When You’re Married

Marriage and money isn’t always easy. Chances are the two of you have different personalities and approaches to finances. 

Those differences can be a wonderful thing as you two can lean on each other’s strengths and shore up weaknesses. 

But finding your financial footing as a couple is not automatic. If you don’t have some way to work on it, it can hurt your marriage and money. 

One of the first things to realize about why couples fight or argue over money is how frequently it’s actually NOT about the money. Seriously. 

From personal experience, writing and speaking about this for over a decade, the most common reason couples fight about money is that they are not in sync with each other in either their expectations, values, or priorities. Usually it’s a combo of them. 

While you two aren't always going to see eye to eye on everything – again those differences can be fantastic- there are some ways you can work as a team and use those differences to your advantage

Today we’re going to talk about how you can use that knowledge to untangle some awkward money conversations that can come when you’re married! 

In this episode we’ll get into questions like:

Resources to Build Up Your Family Finances Together

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Key Takeaways on Dealing with Tough Money Chats

I want to share a few key takeaways I got from preparing this episode. 

Just remember compatible doesn’t mean identical. You two will have different takes, viewpoints, and opinions. It’s about finding the best points from each and creating a plan you’re both on board with. 

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